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Waiting 4 Player 2 Episode 4: Nintendo Stuck in the Past

Waiting 4 player 2 logo Waiting 4 Player 2 Episode 4: Nintendo Stuck in the Past

Waiting4Player2 is the new podcast where your comments shape the show. Instead of just listening to their dumb faces, your comments and reactions are the conversation. The best part about being apart of the show is you can win some cool prizes. Each week, the user who has comment of the show will get something good (or ridiculous) to add to their gaming collection.

This week the crew asks the questions

Do you think Nintendo’s policies archaic, are remasters played out, and is streaming your games the future? They also address Angry Joe’s unbelievable sense of entitlement.

Congrats to thorstein for comment of the show!




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4LOG Podcast Episode 173: You Guys Still Use AOL RIght?

4LOG Logo 1024x600 4LOG Podcast Episode 173:  You Guys Still Use AOL RIght?

This month’s podcast features a lot of new games since March 2015 decided to dump a lot of new titles.

Cory got his hands on ScreamRide for Xbox One.

Basher played the PC RPG Black Guards 2, and explains why you should too.

Cory got to revisit a controversial title for the 4LOG crew with DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition.

The entire 4LOG crew played Ori and the Blind Forest, and talk about how much they all really enjoy it.

GDC 2015 happened so that means there is lots of news for Sony and Microsoft.

Sony talks about Project Morpheus, and the 4LOG crew talks about what they think the future holds for VR.

Microsoft says they are getting back to PC Gaming, and a discussion breaks about on how and even if Microsoft can be relevant on PC again.



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Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Beautiful and Challenging

Ori and the Blind Forest logo 1024x576 Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Beautiful and Challenging

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best games on the Xbox One, and it will win you over with its’ challenging game play, and simply stunning presentation.

Ori and the Blind Forest is the example of a game that just sucks you in the moment you press start. (or menu in this case) Playing the game and seeing the way Ori moves through the world, and experiencing the beautiful visuals is one of the moments you will remember in 2015.

At its’ core, Ori and the Blind Forest is a “Metroidvania” title, and players will find a world that has tons of secrets to discover., combined with a basic story that captivates players through the amazing presentation which aids in bringing the magical experience to life. The story might be basic, but its’ presentation will tug at the heart strings from the first cut scene that rolls. The story becomes better when you look at it in conjunction with the entire package Ori and the Blind Forest offers.

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ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

Screamride logo ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

ScreamRide is a a game where you can launch people into buildings full of dynamite and watch them explode,or build a futuristic roller coaster filled with loops and jumps. What’s not to love?

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you launched a roller coaster into a giant building? If so, then ScreamRide is the game for you. The game play can be described best as, ride, destroy, build, and offers players a chance to visit the future and see what happens when you launch a car full of people into buildings loaded with dynamite.

The ride portion of the game has the player ride a variation of different pre built coasters to try and get a high score and quick time while completing challenges.  Controlling a cart on a roller coaster might sound extremely boring, but this is the future, where rollercoaster’s can go on two wheels, hit jumps for massive air, and each cart is equipped with rocket boosters just to entice you a bit more to go as fast as humanly possible. Once you get into the more challenging levels the tracks starts to become very complex and maintaining speed without derailing and flinging your riders face first into a building is not easy. The challenges can be quite difficult as well, creating a different reason to replay tracks over and over besides attempting to climb the leader boards.

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4LOG Podcast Episode 172: They are Skinning Battlefield!

4LOG Logo 1024x600 4LOG Podcast Episode 172: They are Skinning Battlefield!

Since there isn’ta lot of new games coming out, Chris decided to play some older games. He played and finished D4: Dark Dream Don’t Die, and he revisited Final Fantasy 3 on the DS. Of course Final Fantasy 13 gets a small discussion, since that title always finds a way to make an appearance.

Cory and Basher played Dying Light, and they talk about why they believe it’s a mediocre title.

Microsoft started outlining their plans for gamers with Windows 10, the 4LOG crew talks about the new things coming, and what other things need to happen.

Valve says they are going to talk and show Steam Machines at GDC 14, and debate about Steam Machines breaks out.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was going to get a beta patch system, but Microsoft pulled the plug.

Star Wars Battlefront might of had a lot of information leaked, and the crew talks about how it sounds like EA is just going to make Battlefront a skin of Battlefield.



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Dying Light Review: Climb, Fetch, Repair, Repeat

Dying Light Logo 1024x665 Dying Light Review: Climb, Fetch, Repair, Repeat

Dying Light is indeed a lot of fun to play, but the world and mechanics built around the game play is average.

Dying Light is trying to be a game that Dead Island probably should have been from the start, and truthfully that is a good thing. Instead of a convoluted game with too many systems built atop other systems, there is a much more streamlined game. Mix in some parkour elements and fetch quests, and you have Dying Light.

There is a lot to like about Dying Light, and if you were a fan of Dead Island you are going to fall in love with Dying Light since it’s essentially a better version of that game with new things like a day and night cycle and parkour elements. The best thing going for this game is that is just fun to screw around in with friends. When you combine the parkour elements with a giant open world with zombies at every corner, you and 3 friends are going to have some fun experiencing everything the game has to offer.

The parkour elements are by far the biggest new addition to the game play, and it works pretty well in the open world Techland has created. The system allows the player to grab onto certain parts of the environment to climb their way up or onto many different surfaces. This gives the traversal a much needed boost in excitement and fun factor, and frankly without it the game would be absolutely terrible since a majority of the side quests boil down to being fetch quests that would have you running through zombie infested streets over and over.

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