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Destiny, My First 8 Hours Exploring the Universe

Destiny Logo XBox One PS4 Destiny, My First 8 Hours Exploring the Universe

Like everyone else in the gaming world, I picked up Bungie’s newest title that promises a vast galaxy of worlds to explore, Destiny.

Let me start by saying, I was not into the Destiny hype. Ever since the reveal where Bungie was promising way more than I thought possible, I was skeptical. Every time Destiny was shown off to the public, I just wasn’t feeling it. It looked like Halo crossed with Borderlands, which wasn’t a bad thing. I just didn’t want another shooter in the mix that wasn’t really doing “new” things.

When the beta hit back in July, I snagged myself a key, and played the beta for about 6 hours, and walked away with the same feelings I did with Destiny before the Beta, it will be good, but I just didn’t care. I decided to give Destiny a go, and picked up my copy for the Xbox One this morning, and have dropped about 8 hours into it. Here is my experience so far.

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Sony, I’d Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

ps vita Sony, Id Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

The Playstation Vita is a great companion device to the Playstation 4, but the price of the machine and memory cards are far too high for a companion device.

Recently the 4LOG crew sat down to do our monthly cast, and Basher talked about how he dusted off his Vita to play some God of War Collection that he purchased in a flash sale. Which started a discussion about the Vita itself, which lead me to do some heavy thinking on why I don’t have a Vita. The conclusion that I came to was that I actually do want a Playstation Vita, but I don’t want to deal with one area that is a giant headache, memory cards.

The Vita is one nice piece of hardware. It has some real power under the hood, and both the OLED and LCD version of the Vita look really nice when you get up close an personal. The new slim version of the Vita also hit stores not too long ago, increasing the battery life slightly, makes it thinner and lighter, and has 1 GB of internal storage. All of those new things are great, and not so great in some cases with downgrading from OLED to LCD, but the big thing that needed and needs to be changed still is present, the proprietary memory card compatibility. In case you don’t know, the Playstation Vita uses a proprietary memory card that is exclusive to the Vita. The proprietary part of the card isn’t the issue, it’s the price of these cards that’s absolutely insane.

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The Golf Club Review: Pro Players Only

The Golf Club logo ps4 xbox one PC The Golf Club Review: Pro Players Only

The Golf Club is a return to a more traditional golf game. Over the years, the straight up golf simulator has disappeared in a lot of ways, but The Golf Club is one hundred percent simulation and leaves things like aiming lines and assists out of the equation. This is a game about playing golf, pure and simple. If you are a fan of things like progression, character building, and even a crowd to cheer you on after a nice shot, you will be let down.

The Golf Club is not for the faint of heart. It will take time to learn and become good with the mechanics. There isn’t a thing holding your hand in anyway at any time. Even basic things like a tutorial are missing to even show you the basic controls of how to swing your club. At first, this can seem extremely harsh to the player. I found myself shooting double and triple bogeys for the first few hours of the game, and I felt like I was just terrible at the game, especially on the green.  This is because I was so used to games like Tiger Woods, and Mario Golf giving me so many ways to predict where the ball would lie, and without those assists, I was terrible at actually learning the mechanics’ of the game.

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 166: Friendly Fire Mortar Shots

4LOG Logo 1024x600 For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 166: Friendly Fire Mortar Shots

This gaming drought of 2014 is almost over, but until then we have some new versions of games to play. Diablo 3:Ultimate Evil Edition launched for Xbox One and PS4, and Cory has already dumped a ton of time into the new version, and Chris is having his first Diablo 3 experience.

 Basher revisited his Vita to play the God of War Collection.
Cory spent some time with the new golf simulator, The Golf Club, and express his love for the game, but his hate for pure golf simulators.
Cory finishes up the section with a discussion about Metro Redux and the enhancements made to Metro 2033 for Xbox One and PS4.
Chris picked up the awesome 8/16 bit mash up, Shovel Knight for the 3DS.
EA Access announced for Xbox One. The 4LOG crew gives their opinion on if people should be so skeptical of this new service.
The New Nintendo 3DS announced for Japan, and we find out Chris should of listened to Cory and waited to pick up a 3DS.
DLNA support announced for Xbox One!
Share Play coming to the PS4 in the next major update.
Rise of the Tomb Raider announced as a Holiday 2015 exclusive for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the 4LOG crew tries to figure out anyway this deal could make sense.

The Multicast With Special Guest Walt Williams

spec ops the line logo The Multicast With Special Guest Walt Williams
We stepped out of hiatus for a unique episode this week. Today I am joined by the world famous Matt Shotcha and special guest, 2K Senior Writer, Walt Williams. Walt was great enough to stick around for a couple hours. So this will be part one of our chat.
We run through more than a few topics in this hour. From the art of gaming, to writing for a character who is not a white male, and even the state of violence in AAA games. Why is creating the act of violence so easy? As the gamer, is that our only option when confronting conflict? Walt gives some amazing insight on what it means to be creative in gaming. And as a senior writer, what exactly is his involvement in the upcoming titles Evolve and Civilization: Beyond Earth.
Listen and learn from one of the most passionate writers in the industry. We truly had a fun time recording with Walt, we hope you have a fun time listening.

AiRace Xeno Review: Gotta Go Fast

AiRace Xeno Logo 1024x768 AiRace Xeno Review: Gotta Go Fast

Back in 2013, 4LOG reviewed the 3DS downloadable title AiRace Speed, and we were impressed with the value and fun that could be had for a small price of 5 bucks. AiRace Xeno has now hit the 3DS Eshop with hopes to have players experience the need for speed once again, but also lowers the barrier for new players. AiRace Xeno isn’t drastically different than AiRace Speed, but that is a good thing. The fast paced time trials are still here, and everything you remember from the first 3D outing is here. The catch is that the game has about half the courses, but it also comes in at half the price which is $2.49.

The mechanics are very straight forward, and anyone who takes a ship for a spin will understand AiRace right away. Most of the tracks are 3 laps and the entire goal is to make it around a track as fast as possible. But of course, there will be things on the track that will stop you and cause your ship to explode and slow down your lap time. Simply control your ship with the circle pad, and hold down the boost button to increase your speed, which also increases your chance of crashing into an obstacle.

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