007 Legends Skyfall DLC Review : Simply Horrendous

Skyfall 007 logo 007 Legends Skyfall DLC Review : Simply Horrendous

The Skyfall pack for 007 Legends is just as horrific as the rest of 007 Legends.

Not too long ago 007 Legends was released. Needless to say, it is probably one of the worst games of this generation. Check out our 007 Legends review here to see why.

Now that Skyfall has been released in theaters, I patiently waited to see if the Skyfall DLC would somehow redeem 007 Legends. Skyfall is a fantastic movie, and part of me hoped that a lot of the development went into the Skyfall missions. Sadly, this DLC pack is just a horrendous as the rest of 007 Legends.

If you have not seen Skyfall yet, I warn readers that there will be some spoilers in this review.

The first problem with the Skyfall DLC is  the missions included do not even cover the entirety of Skyfall. Players will only have 2 missions to play. The first being the motorcycle chase at the beginning of the film, and the second being the Shanghai fight somewhere in the middle of the film. The entire Skyfall portion of the story is completely absent. The decision to completely remove the entire Skyfall section is so dumb it’s unfathomable. Skyfall is indeed a location, and in the movie it serves as a fort so Bond can protect M. This portion of the film is easily the most action packed. The last half of Skyfall could be ported into a video game easily, but instead the ending of the Skyfall DLC takes place at the end of the Shanghai mission. The developers decided to change the end of the movie, and completely change what happens in Shanghai.

The first mission is pretty generic. Bond is chasing the baddie through the streets, and eventually leads to him hopping on a motorcycle to finish the chase. The motorcycle part of the stage is bad. Really bad. Players will constantly be hit by cars and trucks, but yet somehow never fall of their bike. The controls are broken and turning the bike isn’t as responsive as it needs to be. Once you get to the end, the first scene from the game is shown, where Bond is fighting on top of a train, and is shot by accident by a fellow agent.

007 legends skyfall sniper shot 007 Legends Skyfall DLC Review : Simply Horrendous

The second mission takes the player into the giant glass walled building in Shanghai. Bond’s goal is to kill the man from the first mission, so he doesn’t complete his assassination attempt. Again, the story doesn’t really tell you why you are stopping him since the story portion is completely absent. The Shanghai mission is one  of the most infuriating experiences I have had in gaming in quite some time. The man you face is standing at one end of the room you are in, and it is the player’s duty to get to him. The problem is you are in a building that is just full of glass doors and windows. You can shoot through the glass or simply go through the doors to get to him, but just getting to him and taking the shot won’t be enough. Instead of just being able to kill the man, he has a health bar that must be whittled down slowly. Apparently this man is made of steel because it takes literally about 200 bullets to kill him, and of course the only weapon you are given is a pistol while he has a sniper rifle. Again, since the room is made of glass he can pretty much shoot you from anywhere he pleases. The only warning Bond has is the red laser sight that can be seen, but unless you are behind a pillar within a few seconds of him locking you into his sight, you are going to die.

Once you manage to finally kill him, you are greeted with the “new” ending to Skyfall. Which quite simply shows Bond on the phone talking to M, and her telling him that she told the sniper from the first mission to take the shot. To which Bond says, It’s cool.

If you purchased 007 Legends, do not in any circumstance play the Skyfall DLC. It’s a bigger crime than the rest of 007 Legends.

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