3DS Becomes Fastest Selling Console Worldwide

3DS 3DS Becomes Fastest Selling Console Worldwide

Remember when analysts said that the 3DS would fail, and this generation would be the last for hand held consoles? Well Nintendo has something to say about that.

The 3DS has now become the fastest selling console worldwide, and has broken quite a few records in the process. The 3DS has now out paced the might DS, and even the extremely successful Gameboy Advanced.

“The Nintendo 3DS did not lose its momentum even after the new year, and two weeks ago it broke the record of the fastest sales pace,” said President of Nintendo Iwata.

Nintendo has stated that the sales have not declined even after the holidays, and they expect the system to keep selling strong. I think it’s safe to say that the price drop, and launch of amazing titles like Super Mario 3D Land, helped the 3DS climb to the top. Once again Nintendo has proven that with the right software support, a portable console can still succeed in this age where people think cell phones are the future.



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