The Bridge Review: Beautifully Twisted

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The Bridge is a fantastic Indie Puzzle game that has a visual presentation that is truly breath taking.

The Bridge is a critically acclaimed indie game that has won numerous awards for its’ art style and world spinning puzzle solving. So after hearing all of the hype I had to see what all the talk as about.

The first thing you will notice is the art style. The Bridge is easily one of the most impressive games I have seen in awhile. Every single asset is hand drawn and looks like a black-and-white lithograph. It is something that screen shots just do not capture. Seeing it in action is just simply beautiful , and then mix in the musical set piece and you have one of the best presentations in recent memory.

So even though the game looks amazing, the real question is how are the puzzles? The puzzle design is what you would expect from a puzzle game. Get from one end of the room to the door located somewhere else on the map. The catch is the player has the ability to spin and twist the world a full 360 degrees with the triggers and bumpers on the controller. So instantly you have the recipe to make some truly mind bending puzzles.

At first the puzzles are pretty straight forward. You use the spinning mechanic to move the character on screen to opposite ends by walking on walls and falling from certain platforms. Again it is something you really have to see to fully understand, and once you see it in action it starts to make sense. AS the game progress you the puzzles obviously start to get trickier, and things like finding a key or manipulating a rolling stone to sit on a switch are added to keep the game play progressively more difficult. With 48 different puzzles, you will see a variety of different puzzles to bend the mind.  Your way of thinking starts to change slowly as you progress, and it is a cool feeling looking at a room and try to decide if walking on the ceiling will be beneficial. The level design is top notch across the board.

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The Bridge also does a fantastic job of making the player feel accomplished after solving a puzzle. Not too many games achieve that amazing feeling you get when you finally solve the puzzle you have been staring at for 20 minutes, then suddenly you get that “duh” moment and everything clicks.  That is a feeling you will have many times throughout the game, and due to the game always improving the puzzles, you will never feel bored.

If there was one area I would have to raise concern, it’s the lack of a clear explanation of some mechanics. This could be considered part of learning The Bridge’s mechanics, but in the second half of the game the puzzles start to introduce a new mechanic that switches the plain the player is on, and some objects can only be manipulated when on a certain plain. At first I was insanely confused and I honestly just kind of kept spinning the world around till I stumbled across the finish line. After a few puzzles with this new mechanic I felt more comfortable, but it still felt like it was never properly explained. Something like a rolling ball is obvious in video games, but using a vortex looking object to switch things up is not. A simple text box explain exactly what was going on would have been nice.

Overall, The Bridge is fun mind bending experience that is quite refreshing. The puzzles are very well designed and challenge the player to truly use their mind to solve them. The art style is simply amazing and is something that has to seen to believe how smooth and breath taking it truly is. It might get a little confusing at points, but that isn’t enough to stop The Bridge from being a great game. With the low price of $10 you simply have to give this game a shot.


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