Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

darksouls22530 Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

Dark Souls II was announced at the VGAs. Shortly after, everyone in the audience DIED.

So, holy crap guys, Dark Souls II was announced at the Video Game Awards! Crazy, right? Who saw that coming?! Believe me, as someone who chose Dark Souls as his top game of 2011, I’m frothing at the mouth just waiting to die some more. From Software has gone from the team that used to just make the Armored Core, Tenchu, and King’s Field series (which, by the way, is the spiritual predecessor to the Souls games) to a cult favorite for the masochist gamers. With a new entry on the way, fans are already speculating on what this newest entry could probably hold in store. Well, we don’t hold the answers. And while Dark Souls held a lot in common with Demon’s Souls while changing things up just enough, I think it would be safe to assume that Dark Souls II won’t be as much of a departure from the previous title. Still, here’s five new things that would be pretty neat to see in the upcoming title:

#1: Surprises Around Every Corner

dark souls2 1024x576 Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

In Dark Souls, you could clear out an entire area full of enemies, rest at a bonfire, and heal yourself up. This would also cause all of the enemies in the area to respawn in their normal positions, allowing you to get in a sort of rhythm when it came to grinding as the enemy spawn points were static. In the upcoming Dark Souls II, if the bonfire system is still intact, it would be neat to see enemy spawn points change up just a bit. This way, players would constantly have to be on their toes as simply remembering the enemy layout will not be enough. Maybe if enemy spawn patterns randomly cycled between several presets for an area? Spawning different enemies or having certain events randomly pop up would be neat too. I know that NPC phantoms can randomly invade you, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough for my taste. As someone who fails miserably at PvP combat, battling the NPC phantoms adds more tension of the random encounters without the worry that a bad connection or a cheating player can completely screw you over.

#2: A Magical Experience

I could never get into magic in Dark Souls. Sure, I picked a Pyromancer, but about halfway through the game I all but gave up on magic in favor of brute force. This is probably not typical for most players, however. That being said, I’d like to see Dark Souls II go back to the Demon’s Souls system where, instead of having a set number of each spell to cast in between bonfires, you have an MP bar. I feel like this, along with gear or an item that allows you to regenerate MP, a magic user would feel much better to use, focusing more on usage of spells rather than an actual weapon. Hell, maybe there could be a spell that temporarily summons a weapon, or necromancy that revives your fallen enemies as (weaker) allies. A larger repertoire of spells would be neat to see, as we’ve has standard magic missiles, lighting, and fire. What about some ice spells to round it all out? Again, I never got too deep in the game’s miracles/sorceries/pyromancies, so I may find the current system to be just fine. Actually, be right back, I’m going to create a magic character right now…..

#3: The Quest For Phat Loots

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

I don’t know about you guys, but by the end of my first playthrough, I had so many Hollow Soldier Waistcloths and Broken Short Swords I could have outfitted every undead soldier in the game twice. When it comes to these random enemy drops, it would be nice to see some have a few unique, random properties to them. Maybe an enemy that regularly drops a shortsword could (sometimes) drop a sword that does slightly more damage than a standard shortsword. Or, maybe an armor piece that increases your endurance recharge rate oh so slightly. Also, Dark Souls had the blacksmiths that could transform your weapons into truly powerful beasts (I love my Fire Halberd +5 to death), but it would be nice to see what else could be added on. What if Dark Souls II added a socketing system similar to the Diablo series? Or, what if you could add on specific passive bonuses to your items for a high price, be it souls or a rare item. On top of that, it would also be really nice to see some of the weapon types get a bit more love. I mean, who doesn’t want to tear through the undead with a cestus or a whip? Problem is, these weapons were kind of weak. How about some fist based weapons, whips, spears, and scythes that could stand toe to toe with something like the Zweihander? Clubs, axes, and swords are cool, but I really want to see some more exotic weaponry that could be viable main weapons throughout the game.

#4: Dungeons And Dark Souls

These next two entries may piss off Dark/Demon’s Souls purists (that is, if the previous entries didn’t already) but hey, this is MY list. At any rate, it would be neat to see a daily challenge system instituted within Dark Souls II. For example, let’s say that there’s an area you can challenge once per day. This area is its own instanced dungeon, much like the instances in, say, World of Warcraft. Completing these areas would net you some souls, upgrade materials, loot, etc. However, the dungeon layout would change from day to day, as well as the enemies and end boss. Although, this seems somewhat standard, especially for Dark Souls. What if these areas were done cooperatively and, after defeating the boss, the player’s gathered souls and items are pooled together and the former allies must battle to see who will get the biggest slice of the pie. This could really change up the PvP /Co-op aspect and make it something truly unique and cool. What if, throughout the dungeon, you had opportunities to really trip up an ally who would make a fierce opponent in the end-of-dungeon battle royale? The idea may need a bit of tweaking, but it could make the multiplayer in Dark Souls II something much more unique than what it already is.

#5: Best Friend Forever (Until We Respawn. Then We Need To Talk….)

Dark souls bonfire 1024x576 Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls have iconic multiplayer. Jolly co-operation mixed with trolling of the highest caliber, you are always playing both a single player game and a multiplayer game. However, sometimes the experience can feel so lonely. Again, this may piss off the purists, but, what if Dark Souls II had true co-op play? “NO! Augh, that ruins the experience! Blasphemy!”, you say? Yeah, I know. The thing is, though, I have tried to spread the good word of Dark Souls. Several of my friends have bought the game, yet just can’t do too much on their own. So, in this new proposed system, the current multiplayer would remain intact, but you could also start up a game co-operatively (Let’s say, 2 player maximum). This would, of course, come with some restrictions. For one, if Dark Souls 2 retains the bonfire/Estus Flask system of healing, then what if each player had 2-3 flasks (That’s for an unkindled bonfire)? Sure, using a flask in close proximity of each other would still heal the other player a bit, but the two players would have to really ration their healing items for the tougher enemies. Yes! In a co-operative game, enemies would be 1.5-2x as difficult! Maybe this would mean more health, more damage output, etc. And the number of souls gained per kill would increase, yet be split between the two. So, when it came down to soul farming, single player would be the way to go. Of course, there would have to be limitations much like the ones already in place for Dark Souls’ co-op play, as a high level character doing co-op with a weak, low level character could make things way too easy. Hell, what if there was Friendly Fire!? Though, players could ignore this co-op feature completely and play Dark Souls II just like the previous entries without ever being forced into a 2 Player game. And for those devious bastards who love PvP, why not let those players band together in groups of 2-4, travelling to and from other player’s world to wreak havoc! What about a simple PvP arena where players could wager souls on their skills or gamble on the skills of others?


The possibilities are endless when it comes to Dark Souls 2. Granted, none of the above will probably be in the game. Maybe some of it? All we do know is that the game will be hard, punishing, and most definitely brutal. And I’m going to love every minute of it. Prepare to die again when Dark Souls II (presumably) releases next year for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

What would you like to see in Dark Souls II? Go ahead, share your thoughts with us in the comments! And remember, PRAISE THE SUN!

Garrett is an aspiring cartoonist. In his spare time, he likes to play video games. This is most likely why he hasn't gotten any comics done.
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4 Responses to Dark Souls II: Five Things We Want to See

  • J.C. Wigriff says:

    I’m a purist of sorts, as I have been a hardcore Souls fan since Demon’s Souls launched, and I think the instance/dungeon idea is a fucking fantastic one.

  • NorthernDragon says:

    1. Agree. Random Spawn Points would keep the game fresh.
    2. Agree. Or if they keep the old system, then allow us to replenish the number of spells without having to go back to a Bonfire.
    3. Half-Agree. New Weapon types yes. All that other diablo crap no.
    4. What? Are you frickin’ kidding? You want to dumb down Dark Souls with that World of Warcraft casual garbage? Seriously? BTW, you can’t say “5 things WE want to see” if it’s only YOUR list as you say. Keep anything World of Warcraft (or its ilk) out of the Souls series thanks. We don’t want to ruin the game.
    5. Oh Hell No. Nuh uh to the nth degree. Again, why the hell do you want a casual game that does the same thing as every other casual frickin’ game. The Souls series are supposed to be dark, they are supposed to be depressing, and they are supposed to give the impression that it’s you against insurmountable odds. ALONE! Just because your friends can’t play a game with a generic, tacked on co-op system doesn’t mean that we have to ruin Dark Souls 2 by implementing such a terrible idea.

  • Scuzgob says:

    I want a less clunky menu system. You could sell your unneeded junk to Frampt for souls, but it took forever because you had to do it one at a time.

    Oh, and, um, more obscure monster enemies. zombies and skeletons and dragons are cool, but throw in some of the more insane mythological beasties like Medusas, Nukalavees (flaming undead centaur) or Chupacabras (flying vampire goats)

  • n/a says:

    1 thing, the ability to pause. Having this feature does not take away from the challenge of the game and would allow someone to take bathroom break or answer a telephone.

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