Diablo 3 Expansion in Development

diablo 3 logo Diablo 3 Expansion in Development

Activision says that a Diablo 3 Expansion is in the works, but won’t talk about dates yet.

Acitivsion had an earnings call today, and during the call some new information about Diablo 3 was unveiled. An expansion is coming to Diablo 3, but just like most Blizzard projects, estimation of arrivial is unknown. Even with Diablo 3 having insanely odd DRM, has sold over 10 million copies.

A Diablo 3 expansion might be a really good idea after the rocky reception the game received with gamers around the world.┬áMany gamers who purchased Diablo 3 expressed that the game was broken due to issues such as unbalanced classes and a broken loot system. Since it’s release, patches have been made available that dded a new leveling system known as The Paragon System, and the loot drop rates have been significantly changed. Even with all of the patches, a lot of gamers still feel like something just inst right about Diablo 3.

Will a Diablo 3 expansion get you back into the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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3 Responses to Diablo 3 Expansion in Development

  • Laszlo says:

    Cory, pretty sure you know I was the most hardcore of D2 players ever. I was so excited for D3 when it came out and played it for a few months. I’m pretty sure I’ll never touch it again.

  • Gary Astorino says:

    What isn’t right is you have to have an internet connection all the time. Not like you can just pick up and play the game like you want to without all the login crap.

  • Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief
    Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief says:

    i agree. still can be annoying

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