DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

devil may cry dmc logo DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

DMC: Devil May Cry might be a reboot, but that is no excuse to forget everything the series is known for.

I have been a fan of Devil May Cry since the original on the PS2. I really enjoyed the first game, hated the second one, and fell in love with Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s awakening. There was something special about Awakening that made me fall in love with the series. To that point, I had never really experienced a game that was so insanely difficult, but still amazing at the same time. It became one of my favorite games of all time, and to this day it is still a game I like to visit from time to time. DMC has finally hit stores, and I can say with confidence, the franchise I love is gone.

Of course when the trailer hit for DMC, I like many others, felt betrayed by Capcom. Rebooting a series that I fell in love with, was the complete opposite of what I wanted. Devil May Cry 4 was not the best in series, but it was still an amazing game. It had tight controls, epic combos, and ran smooth as butter. Everything a good Devil May Cry game has. Nobody complained about it, and there isn’t a person I know that wanted the series to be rebooted.

DMC finally hit stores, almost 5 years after Devil May Cry 4.  I wanted to wait till DMC hit stores to make my judgment, and now that it is officially out, I can truly say, I feel completely betrayed. I patiently waited for the PC version, because Devil May Cry is meant to be played in 60 frames, and even with my doubts purchased the title hoping the reboot would be good. There is something about DMC that just pisses me off.

DMC Dante Middle Finger DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

A perfect picture for what Capcom did to the fans.

trans DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

DMC is not a bad game. From a critic standpoint it’s a decent game. It runs well at 30 frames, has decent controls, and moves along at a steady pace. But in terms of a Devil May Cry game, it truly is a slap in the face.

I understand that DMC was rebooted to try and attract a new audience, but what about the fans of the series? Shouldn’t a company try to make a product that is appealing to new and old audiences? Why did Capcom think that removing everything the series was known for was a good decision?

The story behind the game is filled with a lot of stupid moments, combined with a few scenes of sexual activity that do nothing but hurt the image of Dante. I am over the fact that Capcom turned Dante into a character that is not familiar, but Dante is such an unlikable character in DMC it is insulting. Dante in DMC likes to talk about getting laid and scream profanity throughout the game. The one liners are stupid and simply just not funny. Ninja Theory tried so hard to make Dante seem “cool” that he just comes off as boring and one dimensional.

DMC Dante Surrounded by Women DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

Dante is so cool, he gets all the ladies.

Even if you put aside the incredibly bad profanity filled dialogue from Dante, and the horribly bad one liners from himself and his brother Virgil, the game play is really where I feel like games that require skill are on their way out the door. I played the hell out of Devil May Cry because it was made to be played the hell out of. If you wanted to master Devil May Cry, you better believe you were going to commit hours of your life.

DMC requires no commitment at all. In fact, it requires little skill at all. Even on the hardest difficulty from the moment you boot the game, the difficulty is so easy I never died during the campaign. Not once. Even on the next highest setting, I still had no issues.  For a franchise that is known to test the player’s patience and skill, it is heartbreaking to see it reduced to something to easy.

Be warned I am going to unveil the bosses of DMC.

Boss fights were always creative in the Devil May Cry franchise. The Phantom from the original Devil May Cry, Leviathan from Devil May Cry 3, and Berial from Devil May Cry 4. Those are just a few of the out of this world bosses from the franchise, and they are simply awesome.

Let’s look at the bosses from DMC. One is Bob Barbas, who you fight as a digitized head. (think Star Fox)A Fetus who is the spawn of Mundus, and looks like a giant blob of fat. Then you have Mudus himself who turns into a giant Rock Monster. Not only are the bosses completely boring, they are just as easy as the rest of the game. I would even say that one in particular was easier than a few of the regular enemies.

DMC Dante vs Bob Barbas DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

This is creative…right?

DMC Dante vs Fetus DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series


So even if you get past the horrible dialogue and unimaginative bosses, you will find a combo system that is shallow and never gives the player to fully appreciate what he hack and slash genre is known for.

Like I said before, in previous games you had to learn and master the combat system. It took hours and hours of practice to not only use the combos effectively, but to learn how to achieve SSS ranks by dodging enemies as well. To get the high scores and good level rankings took precision. You had to clear out entire rooms of a variety of enemies without taking damage, and with different combos. Using the same maneuvers over and over punished the player, and cost the player precious time and enemy health.

DMC makes it extremely easy to obtain high ranks. It takes very little skill to obtain an SSS rank combo, and most players will be able to achieve it without even trying.  Players can even get a SSS ranking after taking several hits during a combo. By giving the player the highest rank possible without challenging them, is simply a poor design choice for any game. The system doesn’t push the player to become a better player, but instead encourages them to use the same combos over and over. Resulting in an experience that can become too repetitive and boring.

The ability to switch weapons by simply holding the triggers is a neat mechanic. When I first played DMC and obtained this ability, I thought it was so I could do some sick combos with switching weapons. Sadly, the mechanic is there for defeating certain enemies. Sometimes you can use the different weapons for chaining combos, but usually the game will throw an enemy at you that will require a weapon that must be used in order to proceed. This problem then becomes, I have no choice of how I want to defeat the enemy. My strategy is chosen for me. I am on rails, which is something that should never been done in a hack and slash title.

So now we have a bad story, terrible bosses, and a combo system that requires not skill. The three things Devil May Cry was known for, are missing from DMC.

I want to make it clear that I am not entitled to anything. Just because I purchased Devil May Cry games in the past, does not give me the right to anything. I should have no say so in the development of Devil May Cry. That is Capcom’s right, and they are in charge. I am simply stating that as a fan of the series, I feel betrayed. The problem with DMC to fans like me is that there is literally nothing that feels like Devil May Cry. I feel like it’s a completely different game, and I don’t understand why Capcom decided to reboot the series instead of trying a new IP if they were going to remove everything the series is known for. But again, that is Cacpcom’s choice. I can say with certain, I am done with the Devil May Cry franchise if this is the direction it is going to go.

Cory loves to write and talk about video games. He is the Editor in Chief at For the Love of Gaming, but doesn't really like editing.
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Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief

9 Responses to DMC: Devil May Cry Betrays Fans of the Series

  • Notorious_Creed says:

    I completly agree with you, the combo’s in this game are too easy. I remember thinking “How the hell am i suppose to learn all these combo’s?” but with this DMC i didn’t even have to try. And Dante’s character was completly betrayed. I would say the could have better made a spin off with a diffrent character that resembels Dante, oh wait thats Nero who i even think is more likable then this Dante.

    i loved this artical and felt the same way.

    keep em comming

    greeting from Holland

  • Warui says:

    This game shits me to tears. But I can at least hold on to the vain hope that this stays a shitty reboot and Capcom (despite being a massive collection of douchecanoes) eventually comes out with DMC5.

  • D2Exp says:

    Great article. I completely agree with your points. Those are the exact things fans have been upset about. Unfortunately, most critics and journalists are quick to dismiss fans and don’t listen to legitimate concerns. I feel very disappointed, because they betrayed the DMC fanbase only to make a mediocre game.

  • Deadman says:

    I cant agree with you more, you had covered all the things i wanted to say.
    This is a good game, but never a DMC game.

  • Massacred says:

    I seriously do not understand why, nearly every journalist gaming site has decided to brand anyone who dislikes something that a developer or publisher decides to push, either entitled or childish.
    At any rate, back to the subject at hand the new Devil May Cry title.
    While, the new look of Dante is purely aesthetic, it lies at the heart of a much larger problem. I believe at the core, the nuances, that the original fan base came to know and love from the pre-reboot series, have changed been enough, so that one could arguably no longer even call it a Devil May Cry game.
    Sure subtleties like the new hair color, re-design of the character, varied music choices, and new voice actors were annoying at first, but the fans could get over them if the rest of the game was well grounded in the series. The much larger problem lies in core changes; to the combat system, to the difficulty of the game, to the dropping frame rate etc. . .
    These changes, while certainly interesting ideas, really did not mesh well in the game series. It is because of this that I believe that many of the fans of the original series dislike the reboot.
    I would have been much more keen on seeing Ninja Theory create their own series (IP) with new characters, rather then attempt, yet fail miserably, at recreating pre-existing ones.
    Personally, after playing the demo, I decided that the game created no longer appeals to me, but of course, I am just one person.

  • Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief
    Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief says:

    couldnt agree more.

  • Haters!!! says:

    The new game is awesome, they had to do a more realistic and vulnerable characters. This dante is not childish like the old one was,this one is more like with man thoughts. If all of you haters wants to keep complaining because that’s the only thing you guys do,play the old games by buying the HD collection and that’s all. Let the franchise evolve into an new more developed story(Because the old games didn’t have a real story all that the old games were about was the combat system). I congratulate capcom and ninja theory for such an amazing job by reconstructing the whole series into a more mature audience. By the way i used to play the old ones so i can put my opinion on this matter.

  • Not Hater, But people who were betrayed says:

    truth, the game Dmc looks awesome and from what i hear they got an 8.5 for it. But I vote with my wallet.

    Here is a website to answer everyone’s qustion.

  • WhiteDragons says:

    I have to completely agree with you. The main thing that upset me has to be the fact that Dante has such a stupid and ignorant personality. What about the female fans? Why would I want to play a game and watch boobs on my screen all the time? Also the way they designed Dante just makes him look like a low life. The bosses also look shit compared to the old ones. I know the DMC series has had it’s down sides every now and then but the new one just completely fucks over it’s fans. In my mind, this game will NEVER be the real DMC.

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