E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Sony lgo E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Sony is expected to bring some big announcements to E3 2014, but what games will they show? God of War and Uncharted are likely, but what about some new IP from Quantic Dream and Guerrilla?

E3 2014 is set to be a groundbreaking event. I already talked about what I expect and want to hear from Microsoft and Nintendo earlier this week, but there is still one company that will be at E3 2014, and possibly will have the biggest show of all of the big players. Sony has done some amazing work this generation, and considering we are extremely early in the generation that is saying a lot. With over 7 million consoles sold to this point Sony has the momentum, and the Playstation 4 has become a great place for gamers and developers alike. ┬áSony is always the hardest to predict simply because they have the most first party studios that are working on new projects that are kept under wraps usually quite well, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to try to predict what is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

First I am going to start with the Playstation Vita. This hand held device from Sony is still having a really tough time moving units. Despite being out for over 2 years, has still not managed to sell 10 million units. You can speculate all day why this is, but I believe it simply due to lack of compelling software for the hand held market. Sony’s strategy has always been creating a the Playstation experience on the go, which is exactly what the Playstation Vita is, but it is clear a majority of gamers are not looking for that type of experience.

The Vita could finally be bundled with PS4 at E3 2014.

I really can’t see Sony focusing on Vita at E3 2014, simply because the PS4 has to be their main focus right now. Sony as a company is trying to reevaluate their business as a whole, and the Playstation 4 is one of their most compelling products in their entire lineup. Which is why I have the feeling that official Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita bundle will finally become a real thing for $499. This has been something that has been rumored for awhile, and I think Sony will start to market the Vita as a machine that is a companion to the PS4 with remote play, cross buy, and PS+ games. Getting a Vita for $100 will push a lot of people to maybe pick it up when considering a Playstation 4. Other than maybe a few indie related titles coming to the Vita, I expect E3 2014 to be very light on Vita content.

Playstation 4 console blue background with controller. 1024x576 E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Let’s move on to the real reason why people are going to watch Sony at E3 2014, the Playstation 4. I think Sony is going to do everything they can this year to show what is actually capable on the PS4, which means bringing some of it’s most successful franchises earlier than some expected. This means games that we might not of expected to hit so early in the Playstation 4’s life will show up in some form, but also with a mixture of new games such as The Order:1866, but first I want to take a look at some studios that might be bringing new some games to the show.

Whatever Quantic Dream debuts will get people talking at E3.

Like i said with Microsoft, predicting what new IP Sony will bring to their E3 2014 conference is next to impossible predict, but it is safe to say Sony will bring some fresh new games to the PS4. The question is who is developing them? There have been rumors of Beyond coming to the PS4 sometime this year, but I think Quantic Dream will have a new title to debut at E3 2014. Their games have always been something that are completely unique to gaming and their presentations have always been something that make gamers question what is possible on a console. I expect their new game to be no different, and Sony will be trying to showcase the power of the Playstation 4 with their new title. Not much of a prediction, but I really am excited to see what style of game Quanitc Dream will create with new hardware.

guerrilla games logo PS4 E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Guerrilla Games is another first party studio that has been talking about making a new IP for the PS4 since the console was announced in 2013, and I expect to see that new game at E3 2014. What that game will be is a mystery, but I think it is safe to say it will be a shooter of some type. I would say a third person shooter, but Sony already has Ready at Dawn working on a third person shooter with The Order: 1866, so maybe Guerrilla will finally take a long needed break from the Killzone franchise to create a brand new FPS experience with a big Multilayer focus. A spiritual successor to MAG? Anything is possible.

What about existing franchises? The Playstation 4 has already seen entries from Killzone and Infamous, but there is a big list of other franchises Sony can rbing to the new generation. Sony has some franchises that will obviously get a new title for the Playstation 4, but what games will Sony bring to E3 2014? That is an extremely tough question at this point. We know Uncharted on PS4 is in development, but there have been a big shakeup at Naughty Dog, which leads me to believe work on Uncharted has likely been affected. Will we say a trailer for Uncharted? Maybe, but I don’t think this will be Sony’s major title at E3 2014.

Kratos God of War 4 E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

God of War 4 on PS4 could redefine the franchise, will we see it at E3 2014?

God of War has always been a heavy hitter for Sony and I think we will see Kratos on the PS4 at E3 2014. God of War has always been a big hitter for Sony with it’s graphical presentation and over the top game play, and God of War 4 will be no different. We know that Sony Santa Monica had a new IP in the works, but was canceled during Sony’s restructure. This leads me to believe that the studio was working on two titles at the same time. One being their new IP, and the other being God of War. It might seem a big early for Kratos to return, but to be honest, God of War: Ascension was not a “real” God of War title. and fans of the series are waiting for Kratos to make the jump to Next Gen.

The last Guardian ps4 E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian has to be real right? Will it be on PS4 at E3 2014?

There is another title that I expect to make a resurgence at E3 2014, and yes i know I might sound crazy. The Last Guardian is a title that has haunted the PS3 for what feels about as long as Rockstar’s Agent. Team Ico hasn’t said much of anything in the gaming world except that they are working on games, and refuse to say that the Last Guardian is canceled. When the game debuted years ago, it gathered quite a following even though gamers received little to information. I personally believe the project was just to ambitious to produce on the PS3, and was moved over to the PS4. So yes, I honestly believe The Last Guardian is indeed a real game that will ship, and I expect it to make headlines at E3 2014.

There are other things that Sony will talk about at their E3 2014 conference, but there isn’t much to predict. We know Playstation Now will be full detailed with prices and terms, and I’m sure The Order: 1866 will have a huge focus since it is expected to release in 2014. Destiny will continue to be advertised as if the title is only coming to PS4, and new media consumption apps will be debuted to give owners more reasons to turn on their PS4, but that is all stuff we already know.

Sony and the Playstation 4 are on a roll right now, and at this point it seems Sony will keep the momentum rolling. As always Sony has been extremely quite on what new things they will be bringing to E3 2014, and their show usually has a few surprises that will leave the gamers excited and talking for days. Some people have been speculating that Sony is in trouble with it’s restructuring and the departure of key players like Jack Tretton, which in my opinion make Sony’s E3 2014 on stage presence feel very weird, but companies make changes all the time and I expect Sony to have a good showing for all of their fans.


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