For the Love of Gaming Podcast: E3 2013 Special

E3 Logo For the Love of Gaming Podcast: E3 2013 Special

E3 2013 has come and gone, but now it is time to talk about all of madness that happened.

 Find out what grade the 4LOG crew gives each of the press conferences. (including Nintendo Direct)
How did games like Titan Fall, Assassins Creed 4, Killer Instinct, Order 1886, Need for Speed Rivals, Kingdom Hearts 3, Watch Dogs and many others impress the 4LOG crew.
Is Nintendo even worth looking at this Holiday season?
Does the Xbox One really make Microsoft Anti-Consumerist?
Reaction to the PS4’s and Xbox One launch prices.
Cory loves to write and talk about video games. He is the Editor in Chief at For the Love of Gaming, but doesn't really like editing.
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Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief

2 Responses to For the Love of Gaming Podcast: E3 2013 Special

  • jeff says:

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on the E3 2013 podcast. Myself and every gamer I know around me will not be buying a Xbox One because of the DRM, but not because we don’t want one.

    You see I’m in the military stationed in Japan. Since Japan will not be supported at launch we have to wait a year out. I was wondering what your guys thoughts were on this? Do you think IP region locking as a part of DRM should be done? Basically MS is saying screw you to all of us serving overseas in Japan, and Korea

  • Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief
    Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief says:

    I can only speak for myself, but I feel like Microsoft is not intentionally trying to screw over people serving over seas.

    Microsoft is simply betting on a digital future instead of a physical one. The issue is Microsoft isn’t doing a great job of telling the gamers why.

    Not supporting Japan at launch isn’t surprising since Japan has never embraced Microsoft at all.

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