I Won’t Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

3DS Game Prices Will Kill the System

Nintendo Space World 2011 was a week ago and gamers finally have some ideas to what games will be coming for the launch of the 3DS, and the price of the system and games. We have heard rumors of a 300 dollar price tag for the system but Nintendo was pretty quite on the price of the software which has been unveiled to be around $40-$50 USD.  Can the 3DS’ features really justify the high price tag  for the system and games?

The 3DS will likely have the price tag of $299. The same price as the Xbox 360 and PS3. Nintendo is asking consumers to spend almost 400 dollars for a portable system if you include a game plus tax.  That is absolutely insane. Nintendo is very confused on what makes the DS sell, and the 3DS could end up hurting Nintendo big time.

3DS 300x266 I Wont Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

I purchased my DS for a low $119.99 and purchase games for around $24.99. I have no problem paying that. It’s a good and fair price and most important, its affordable. Affordability in my opinion has always been what makes the DS a great system. Great games on an awesome system with affordable prices.  It’s a consumers dream from every standpoint. Parents can afford to buy games for their children, and hardcore gamers can have a great gaming experience on the go.

The 3DS is an impressive piece of hardware. Full 3D gaming without the need of clunky glasses. The system has enough power to handle games with very impressive graphics like Resident Evil and Street Fighter 4 with many more impressive titles to come. The 3rd party support for the system is quite good with many developers like Ubisoft, EA, Namco, Konami, Cap, and many others. It all sounded so good until the price of these games were released. $40-$50 USD

3d wow 300x225 I Wont Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

Nintendo is asking consumers to pay near console game prices on a system that costs more the their own home console the Wii. Are they out of their mind? So for a consumer to go buy a 3DS with one games will run about $400. That price completely destroys everything that made me love my DS. The 3DS is by far the most unaffordable gaming device of this generation, and its gets worse.

The DS battery life is also one the best features of the system with an amazing 13-17 hour battery on the standard screen brightness. (DS Lite) A lot of times gamers can go a few days without ever having to plug in their DS. The 3DS on the other hand will have a 3-5 hour battery on the lowest screen brightness, and no details have been released on what kind of battery life we will get on the highest screen brightness. My guess is 1-3 hours which is just pitiful. Call me crazy but long battery life is important on any handheld device. But wait, it gets even worse.

dead battery 300x162 I Wont Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

Now let’s take a look at some of the games that are overpriced for the super high priced handheld system. We have Nintendogs + cats, (brilliant title) Super Street Fighter IV, Dynasty Warriors, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Combat of Giant Dinosaurs, Resident Evil, and Star Fox 3D. Now I know there are others, but I am trying to get a good mix of games. Nintendo wants you to pay $40 minimum to pet virtual cats, and make giant dinosaurs fight each other. There’s always the classics like Zelda and Star Fox, but I have one major issue with both of those titles. Both are a remake, and both are games I already own. Nintendo is selling 10+ year old games at close to the original prices when they were first released. What the hell.

ocarina of time logo 3d 300x295 I Wont Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

I just can’t see any reason to purchase a 3DS at launch.  It’s not affordable , the games don’t appeal to me at all and even if I did purchase a 3DS it would die before I even get a chance to enjoy it. Hopefully in time better, and original titles will be released for the 3DS, and when the inevitable 3DS Lite is released I might pick one up, but until Nintendo remembers what the DS is for I’m going to stick to my DSI.

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Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief

18 Responses to I Won’t Buy a 3DS, This is Why.

  • carson says:

    Some good arguments here. I do not think it will be $299. I am thinking $200-$250. The game prices do worry me though. $40-$50 is just too high, but I think I can deal with it. All I will be playing is pokemon and Zelda 3D. The battery is not much of an issue to me. As long as there is an outlet handy then you are good. I play at home most of the time and even if I were on the road 1-3 hours is good enough. Now if the price of the 3DS is above what I expect then I might be a little pissed about the battery life. I mean if I am going to shell out $300 + on this system then they better have some damn good specs.

  • Kamanashi says:

    Uhh… Yeah. All these prices you are throwing around probably aren’t right. The Japanese versions are roughly $48 after conversion, so that is probably going to be $30 to $40 US. The console itself will more than likely be $250. Battery life is already confirmed to be 3-5 hours depending on settings, not on the lowest screen brightness.

    Looks like you should just give up on this site if you are this misinformed. I respect that you aren’t interested in the games, but the other reasons are completely idiotic since you have the wrong facts.

  • Anon says:

    Actually, it has been confirmed to be 3-5 on the LOWEST brightness setting. I advise you look up your shit before you call somebody’s article idiotic.

  • Cytricks says:


    1. 300 (299) is not almost the same as 400. You are buying a device that plays back a 3d image! Without glasses! Even Tv’s that do that with glasses cost more!

    2. The games are not as simple as they where with other DS games. Sure the initial launch titles don’t cost that much to develop but now studios can put more resources to make much better portable games. Also, go on amazon.com and there you will see Metal Gear 3ds for 34.99 so not all 3ds games will cost a lot!

  • ColinZeal says:

    You seriously comparing 2011 tech to 2005 tcech? Grow up.

  • Brandon says:

    First of all, you can’t say that it will be $300 dollars and then say it will almost be $400. That’s quite a jump and p[retty misleading for the senses, don’t you think? Second, this is pretty much has graphical capabilities beyond the gamecube, and it’s 3-D. It’s not like the games will be cheap to make. I’m not happy about spending $50 dollars on a game period, but will it be worth it in this case? I think yes.

  • Kamanashi Lies says:

    Uhhh…Where have you been Kamanashi? Most of those prices are pretty accurate. Your $30 price point for 3DS games is a big stretch though. I could see the system potentially selling for $250, but still $300+ for a game and a system with a short battery life (it’s a fact, if Nintendo is projecting 3-5 hours, you will be lucky if you get 1/2 of that, he also failed to mention that Nintendo states the 3DS requires a full 3 1/2 hours to fully recharge) is ridiculous. Throw in the facts that he didn’t bring up, like potential eye damage for children and adults who play in 3D mode for longer than 30 minutes A DAY, and you have yourself a solid pass. Why are you limited to only 30 minutes a day in 3D? Haven’t you been able to go to the movies and enjoy 2-3 hour movies in 3D for years now? Something doesn’t add up. This is a rip off system from a greedy company that is willing to take advantage of people by offering an inferior and possibly dangerous product just to make a buck.

  • blu says:

    @Anon: link?

  • Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief
    nikana says:


    I should of said that a little better. I ment to say with the system being 300 with a 40 dollar game plus tax will be about 400



    No need to be so harsh sir! 🙂

  • Trekster_Gamer says:

    I agree with all of your points. I think Nintendo think people are going to blindly plop down 300 + Tax for a hand held !
    That is such a load and I hope it backfires on them until they make the system and games more reasonably priced. I will NOT even think about it given the 360 and Ps3 just totally blow away the 3DS.

  • Zarx says:

    so you won’t buy a 3DS because you are bad at maths and like to jump to wild conclusions?

    in what world does $299+$40-50= $400?
    And if you did your research you would find that that’s the Japan prices, for perspective these are the Japan/USA prices for the DS
    DSL – Japan ¥ 16,800 (about $ 200) / USA $ 129.99 USD
    DSi – Japan 18,900 yen (approximately U.S. $ 225.58) / USA $ 169.99 USD
    DSi XL – Japan ¥ 20,000 (approx 238.72 USD) / U.S. $ 189.99
    see a pattern there?

    and tho the prices of launch games will be $40-50 most of them are set to have the production values and content of high end Wii games and I expect a lot of games to launch at cheaper prices just like they do on every other platform.

    As for the battery life Nintendo always under sell their handheld’s battery life and depending on translation it sounds like 3-5 hours could be for low brightness or 3hours for high and 5 for low on average. Keep in mind that’s of play time in short bursts with the WiFi street pass mode if you turn that off you should see much better battery life.

  • Dan says:

    While I do agree with you about the cost of stepping into Nintendo’s new 3D experience, let’s not forget the PSP launched at $299 6+ years ago. The PS3 was $599 when it launched. How can you say it’s the most expensive platform?

    “The 3DS is by far the most unaffordable gaming device of this generation, and its gets worse.”

    This is the only piece of your article that threw me for a loop, other than that, I am right there with you.

  • Kamanashi says:

    @nikana all you did was post a link to that proves what I said, that the 3-5 is dependent on the settings, meaning 3 is brightest, 5 is darkest. In your article, you are saying that the 3-5 hours is lowest brightness and that you expect highest to be 1-3.

  • Sanii says:

    The tech behind this thing is enough for me to check it out. I’m not totally sure if I should purchase it at launch. For me, it comes solely down to the unannounced price of the device.

  • Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief
    nikana says:
  • Tom Ato says:

    $299 is almost $300, not almost $400. You get an epic fail both for this article and for first – grade math.

  • kamanashi says:

    @nikana Then how come actual info from Nintendo states 3-5 dependent on settings? You got information that is changed around to cause controversy just to get revenue from ad views. Make sure you actually read the press releases and other shit first.

  • CS says:

    @tom ato
    For everybody that said his math is wrong… 299+50+25(tax) equals 375… thats much closer to 400 than 300…idiots

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