Killer Instinct Season 3 Review: Killer Combo

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Killer Instinct Season 3 adds more to the already stellar game from Microsoft’s fighting franchise.

Killer Instinct has been a surprising success for Microsoft ever since the brand was rebooted during the launch of the Xbox One. The initial review was met with a lot of skepticism over a developer that wasn’t proven, but it was quickly realized by the fans and players of the game that Killer Instinct was back and it was something truly special.

The first season only having 8 characters left fans and players eagerly awaited season two to add more characters to the roster as well as add some new game modes that the first season just didn’t offer. Season 2 had a new developer in Iron Galaxy, and while it added what fans really wanted it still didn’t feel quite complete Enter Killer Instinct Season 3. Armed with new characters, new and old, as well as new modes to keep players fighting long into the night.The main thing that Killer Instinct season 3 needed to add was that final layer to make it a complete title. I think it’s fair to say that Iron Galaxy has made Killer Instinct a true fighting Contender now with wrapping up season 3.

The roster now has over 20 characters and every single fighter that has appeared in previous Killer Instinct titles is now in the current game. It’s impressive how Killer Instinct offers such a variety of characters from vastly different Origins, that all play slightly different than each other, yet still have that ability to pretty much pick up and just play. Nothing on the market plays like Killer Instinct and yet Iron Galaxy has still managed to keep the game fairly balanced even with the new additions. And that is really what is most important and most impressive about Killer Instinct season 3. Even though you have advanced characters that take a little bit more time to understand and fully utilize they are still manage to follow the core principles that double helix started in the original season. They’ve also brought forward classic characters such as Eyedol and Gargos and managed to weave them into the gameplay flawlessly.

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The big new feature that dropped at the end of Killer Instinct season 3 was the shadow lords in mode. Other than the characters, this is the main new feature that Iron Galaxy wants players to keep playing when they are not online climbing their way through the ranks.This mode offers some unique story beats that combines a few unique elements and some borrowed ones from previous fighters to create a tactical Story out of Killer Instinct lore. It basically boils down to picking three Fighters and conquering the planet from the evil forces that awai,t but at the same time using unique elements that you find, such as a guardian that gives you easy combo breakers to fight your way to Victory.It’s something that is hard to put into words but it’s a unique little mode that offers something new to the Killer Instinct players. And I quite enjoyed every time I play it.

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 The only issue I have with it is that there are consumables and it feels almost a little too stingy with the currency than I would like. But you have to remember that Killer Instinct is still technically a free-to-play game, and there are some people that might only use the free character that is available on rotation. With that in mind the micro transactions really don’t feel like they are overstepping their boundaries, but I do feel like the values and the consumables that you obtained the values could use a little bit of tweaking.

Other than the new mode the new characters are obviously the big addition to season 3. We finally have idle and Gargos in this version of the game as well as some guest characters like the Arbiter and Ram from Gears of War. Each character is well done and each character offer something new., bu like I said earlier, the balance is still there which is always most important to any fighting game.

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The final aspect I just need to quickly touch upon is the PC version. Killer Instinct season 3 also brought out the windows play Anywhere version of this title. NFL going into too much detail it’s fair to say that it is a very solid port. I am running on an AMD 8320 and GTX 1063 gigabyte version and the game runs pretty much flawlessly with all of the settings turned up. The PC version obviously has controller support and its online mode place just as flawlessly as the Xbox One version.

Killer Instinct season 3 is possibly the last season that we will get a Killer Instinct and if that’s the case I think it’s fair to say that it’s immense this title as a worthy and tree in to the fighting game genre. It offers a unique roster that is unseen in any other title and it still is probably the most satisfying to just pick up and play in my opinion. Shadow lords mode does need some tweaking but the base of it is a very good start to something that is unique to the fighting game community.  if you have a PC and you never had a chance to play this title I definitely recommend giving it a download in checking it out,  and if you’re on the Xbox One and you still haven’t tried any of the Season you can pick up a complete version now for only $60 that has all of the characters. It’s a no-brainer.



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