Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

Nintendo Logo Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

Nintendo needs to wow in 2013. Titles like Zelda and Mario needs to make their way to the Wii U, and the 3DS needs a redesign.

2012 was a year that Nintendo needed to be monumental. With the harsh reception of the 3DS due to lack of software and price, and the launch of a new console, Nintendo had a lot of ground to cover in only a year. The Wii U has officially launched, and the 3DS XL has been introduced to try and help the 3DS market. 2013 is a year that could very well make or break Nintendo.

First up is the 3DS. I personally have not yet purchased a 3DS, and that is mostly because there isn’t a model out that grabs my interest. The 3DS XL is a big improvement over the 3DS is terms of screen quality, but the battery life and lack of a second analog stick is still a massive problem. Nintendo’s excuse of there isn’t enough space just doesn’t cut it with me either. In fact, I am still puzzled as to why Nintendo brought out the 3DS XL in the first place. There weren’t too many people that asked for a bigger screen.

3ds xl 2 colors blue and red Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

The 3DS Lite needs to happen in 2013, and it needs to fix the issues that the console has had since its inception. The battery life needs to improve dramatically, and a second analog stick needs to be built into the body. The software is there for the 3DS and it only seems to be getting better, but the hardware is still just not quite there.

Just like 2012, I expect 2013 to be mostly about the Wii U. The launch of the Wii U wasn’t either terrible or fantastic, but its a fact that software on the Wii U is lacking quite a bit. This needs to be fixed in 2013 or Nintendo could have serious issues on their hands. Part of Nintendo’s fate lies in the hands of their competition as well.

We have no real evidence of what the future holds for Microsoft and Sony in terms of what their next gen console can do, but if we go by history, we can expect that their power will be far greater to their current consoles. Power isn’t everything in a console, and Nintendo has proved over and over again that having the most horsepower doesn’t mean you will prevail, but graphics do play a part when it comes to decisions by some consumers. The Wii U can output some amazing graphics. We have seen it in tech demos such as the Zelda demo from E3 2012, but we have yet to see what the system can really do in regards of polygons. This needs to change in 2013, and it has to be Nintendo that shows off what the hardware can really accomplish wither its with first or third party content.

Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U Shot Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

Pikmin 3 will be arriving in Spring, but Nintendo needs to have a stacked line up of exclusives for Q3 and Q4 of 2013. It’s too soon for a new Zelda, plain and simple, but that doesn’t mean that remaking a Zelda title for 2013 is out of the question.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time HD is something I and many other fans would love to see. Remaking possibly the best video game ever, and giving a fresh coat of High Definition paint in the Twilight engine would be more than enough for many fans to pick up a Wii U, but having a remake is not enough.

zelda wii u 1024x576 Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

Ocarina of Time in this engine? YES PLEASE!

Mario needs to make his triumphant return to 3D on the Wii U in 2013. Sure we got New Super Mario Brothers U, but that just isn’t enough. The Super Mario Galaxy series was the highlight of the Wii for me personally, and nothing can beat Mario when it comes to platforming. It would make sense for Mario to return to his 3D adventures, but this time he won’t be in space. Mario 64 was a title the defined what the Nintendo 64 can do, and a Spiritual successor to Mario 64, I’m going to call it Mario 64 U, on the Wii U could define what the Wii U is capable of.

One last title that will probably be shown off in 2013, but not release till 2014, is Super Smash Brothers 4. This title has already been discussed several times, but it needs to be debuted to start getting gamers excited.

E3 2012 for Nintendo was one of the biggest letdowns in my life. I was floored by how poor Nintendo performed. They have a new console with potentially a revolutionary controller, but barely showed what the new device can do. There was no mention of why Call of Duty, Darksiders 2, or Assassins Creed 3 was better on the Wii U. In fact, I still don’t have a clue what features the Wii U Gamepad offers for some third party titles. That has to change in 2013.

It is safe to assume that Microsoft will be releasing a console in 2013, and Sony could as well, but I am guessing Sony will wait till Q2 of 2014. When it comes to power , I have no doubt in my mind Microsoft and Sony will have more powerful offerings, but that doesn’t mean third party titles on Nintendo can’t compete. At E3 2013, Nintendo needs to wow in every aspect. Their new console is already out, which should give them a significant advantage with third party developers. Companies like Ubisoft and EA have will by that time have some quality time with the Wii U. The Wii U Gamepad is what makes the Wii U different, and it has to be the focal point for Nintendo for every single title that releases. Gamers want to and need to know why Call of Duty 5, Assassins Creed 4, and Saints Row 4 are better on the Wii U.

I said this last year, and I am going to continue to claim it as a solid prediction. Nintendo needs to help of third party games, but there is one franchise that could use the Wii U Gamepad correctly and show that Nintendo is for real when it comes to third parties. Grand Theft Auto. GTA V is slated to release sometime in Spring of 2013, and just like every other title in the franchise, is expected to be a must have title. I can’t think of another third party franchise that could push the Wii U into stardom than GTA V.

GTA V logo 1024x640 Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

The final area that Nintendo needs to work on is price. $349 for a console that is currently on par graphically, and doesn’t offer a hard drive is steep.  Whether the competition brings out consoles for $299 or $399, the price of the Wii U needs to be lowered by at least $50, but I’d like to see the premium package be available for $249 by next Christmas.  I understand that the Gamepad is why the price is higher, but the Gamepad is using some dated technology like single touch, and non HD display. I see no reason why the price can’t be $249 in year. If Nintendo doesn’t lower their price, some consumers might not understand why they would get a Wii U over an Xbox 720 or PS4.

2013 is going to be a huge year for gaming, and I believe Nintendo can have a great year with the 3DS and Wii U. Let us know what you want to see from Nintendo in 2013 in the comments below.

Cory loves to write and talk about video games. He is the Editor in Chief at For the Love of Gaming, but doesn't really like editing.
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Cory Shultz - Editor in Chief

6 Responses to Nintendo 2013 Predictions: 3DS Lite, Zelda Ocarina HD, Mario 64 U, Price Cuts and GTA V

  • kirbyu says:

    The reason they’re not adding Analogue Stick #2 is because a majority of the games don’t need it. Using it is only comfortable if its in line with the other stick. So for it to be comfy, they’d have to lower the buttons. Which would make all the other games uncomfortable. Also, the casual kid gamers who don’t play any of the games that use it would complain like crazy. They’d say: “Why is that 2nd round thing (they don’t know what it’s called) even there? It doesn’t even do anything (as far as they know)”

    And…the 3DS Lite, no thanks. I’ve always hated the idea of making handhelds smaller. I don’t get the point to ‘em.

    The OoT remake is also a dumb idea. OoT 3D came out like a year ago. Yes, this remake would be HD but it make more sense is they did Majora’s Mask HD instead.

    Although, the price cut and Super Mario 64 2 are terrific ideas.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but the 3DS xl is a great handheld that provides a TON of fun features and was SO worth the money. The big screens make it really easy show of games to (old) people who want to watch but just can’t see a 2 inch screen. I’m really looking foward to what Nintendo can do with it this next year. As for Wii U, I think the whole thing is redundant. Unless they make a Super Mario Sunshine remake or a direct sequel, I’m not buying.

  • PapermarioU says:

    Wii U is AWSOME!!! I haven’t stopped playing since we plugged it in! My little brothers love Super Mario Bros. U, now the whole family can finally play all together. Ironically our Grandpa likes the 3DS xl the most (the big screens) out anyone I know. We just hope they hurry up with a new Zelda already!

  • CivilMouse 78 says:

    PULEEZE! I think that the whole “3DS” thing is just STUPID! Who needs to see games in “3D” anyway? The Vita is way better. Nintendo should have quit with SNES. PS4 will SO conquer Wii U, the thing doesn’t even make sense! And who needs more “Mario Bros.”.

  • GTA5KING says:

    GTAV on the Wii U would be a good call, but they haven’t mentioned it so far. A release on PC before it would be much more likely!

  • Darknut 9¤ says:

    I think that Nintendo should make a Zelda: the Windwaker remake on Wii U! That would be so AWSOME! Or maybe an HD Skyward Sword! The possibility’s are endless now! A price cut would be really nice too.

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