Solar Shifter EX Review: Frame Rate Hell

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 Solar Shifter EX is just a sub par Bullet Hell shooter that breaks the first rule of the gene, a stable frame rate.

Solar shifter EX is a bullet hell shooter that aims to keep the player on its toes with the teleporting mechanic added to the frenzy of enemies and bullets that are always coming your way The strength of this genre is it combines high-level skill with quick-witted Maneuvers that create a sense of speed that gives the player a real sense of accomplishment when they finally master maneuverability in mechanics involved. It’s the type of game that is usually not for the faint of heart, and for the gamers that want a real sense of speed and action. The problem with Solar Shifter EX is that it doesn’t excel at any of the known traits of the genre.

When you combine everything that is subpar with this title you get a game that doesn’t really offer much to even the hardcore loyalist of the genre. The challenge of this game does not really boil down to skill, there are many instances where there are tons of things going on screen but you don’t really have to be on the offensive. I can’t tell you how many times I literally just found a spot on the screen that I couldn’t get hit in and just waited instead of firing a single shot.  There a lot of instances to where skill doesn’t become involved simply because there is no real pattern or way to figure out a successful way to dodge everything in coming and be on the offensive. The game basically breaks down to finding The Sweet Spot of each wave of enemies and not getting hit, instead of actually fighting your way out or using skill to dodge successfully. Even with the ability to shift/teleport with the right stick, the idea of constantly moving and using skill to not get killed never comes into play with Solar Shifter EX.

Solar Shifter EX Gameplay 1024x576 Solar Shifter EX Review: Frame Rate Hell


The other huge problem is the frame rate of Solar Shifter EX. Without being too harsh, it’s simply just borderline unplayable at times for a game in this genre .A steady frame rate in a bullet hell shooter is crucial to the experience to ensure maximum control over your ship, that way you can have precise maneuverability. The framer rate literally takes a nosedive as soon as anything on the screen happens. Literally doing anything from firing a bullet at an enemy to moving the ship around, the frame rate will dip. We’re not just talking about a few frames here and there. Solar Shifter EX runs at an unlocked frame rate, but the problem is that it only reaches 60 very rarely. most of the time it is fluctuating from what seems like 45 but dips down to the teens very often. It just isn’t excusable in any way.

Sadly, there really isn’t much else to say about Solar Shifter EX. There appears to be a decent game here, but the issues with lack of real challenge combined with a frame rate that is borderline unplayable, you have a game that feels like a rushed port that needed more time for optimization. Maybe the developers will take the time to patch the frame rate and make the enemies a little more lively, but until that happens its hard to suggest this game to anyone.









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