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Sego’s 2013 Predictions

predictions Segos 2013 Predictions

It’s 2013 that means it’s time for some video game predictions.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Since it’s the new year it’s time for some predictions. These predictions will cover everything I think will happen in the gaming world. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with the obvious one: there will be one, maybe two new consoles that will come out next year. The consoles I’m talking about are the next Xbox and the next PlayStation.  I’m 100% sure the next Xbox will come out around the Holiday season. We’ve been hearing about for awhile all the leaks and rumors, and even Microsoft has given hints here and there.  Microsoft is definitely ready to bring out their next console. For more Microsoft predictions, Cory has written a good piece here.  Now the one I’m not sure about is the next PlayStation.  I really don’t think Sony will release a new console till 2014,  which could hurt them once again. We saw it with this current generation of consoles and only now is the PS3 being successful.  But I am sure Sony will announce it at E3.

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Podcast Episode 87: Wii Kinect You, Wii Move You

4LOG Logo 1024x600 Podcast Episode 87: Wii Kinect You, Wii Move You

Welcome to another great episode of For the Love of Gaming Podcast.

Chris and Cory spent some time with Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Garrett played Sonic Generations, Rayman Origins, and Lost Planet 2.

Cory revisted WWE All Stars, and Rage.

TMT: VGA 2011 Predictions 

Alan Wake sold 1.5 million.

South Park RPG inbound.

Possible WiiU specs unveiled.

Marathon now free!

Half Life 3 at the VGA’s?

Sony makes memory cards for Vita propietary.


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