For the Love of Gaming Podcast 193: Dude……DUDE!

4LOG Logo 1024x600 For the Love of Gaming Podcast 193: Dude......DUDE!

The Nintendo Switch has launched! Cory picked up a Neon Switch on launch day, and he talks about his impressions of the system and what he’s looking forward to for future of the Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally hit store shelves, and in true 4LOG fashion, the entire crew is split on this high rated game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t quite out yet, but he trial is up on EA Access and Origin Access. Cory has played through the trial, and doesn’t have nice words.

Horizon: Zero Dawn also came out, and Cory and Basher are having a blast with Guerrilla’s new IP. To quote Cory on his impressions, “Dude!”

Microsoft says they do not expect Scorpio to be their leading platform in terms of sales.

Sony announced PS4 games are finally coming to Playstation Now, making the service make a lot more sense.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Game Pass, giving gamers access to over 100 games for only $9.99 a month. Could this be the Netflix of gaming?



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Hyrule Warriors Review, Zelda Meets Hack and Slash

Hyrule Warriors Link Logo J Hyrule Warriors Review, Zelda Meets Hack and Slash

Hyrule Warriors successfully brings Zelda into a new genre that feels like a quality Nintendo Product.

When Hyrule Warriors was announced, I made the bone headed decision to write it off entirely. Combing Zelda with Dynasty Warriors was something that just didn’t register in my brain, and when Nintendo said they were going to branch out more with their core franchises, that trailer wasn’t what I had in mind. Then Hyrule Warriors started making some noise, and the trailers leading up to the release started to make the game actually look like more than just a skin over Dynasty Warriors. Now, after playing it for about 25 hours, I can safely say Hyrule Warriors isn’t just a cheap knock off in any way.

Hyrule Warriors does indeed look and play like Dynasty Warriors on the surface, but there is a remarkable amount of work that went into it that makes it feel like its own distinctive experience. There are 3 main modes player will tackle, and most should and probably will start with the Legend mode. This is essentially the campaign, and takes players through a story crafted for Hyrule Warriors. The story centers around a few new characters mainly being Cia and Lana, both of which have their own reasons for trying to defeat the other with Cia having some master plan to take over Hyrule.

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E3 2014 Nintendo Predictions: Wii U Redesign, Zelda Wii U, New Mario, and Release Dates Galore

Nintendo Logo E3 2014 Nintendo Predictions: Wii U Redesign, Zelda Wii U, New Mario, and Release Dates Galore

E3 2014 could be a new start for Nintendo and the Wii U, that is if they even show up. Could a new Zelda and Mario show up for Wii U? How about a redesigned Wii U console and Gamepad?

E3 2014 is set to be a real blockbuster of a E3 showing. I know people say  that every year, myself included, but something about this year feels epic already. Maybe it is the fact that all major developers and publishers seem to be holding their cards close to their chest after the arrival of the Xbox One and PS4, or it could be that Microsoft and Sony are already hyping of their show over a month before it happens. Either way, something about E3 2014 feels as if its going to be a huge show, but what about the third player in the “console war?” Nintendo has spent a lot of time lately showing what we already know. Last year they barely had an E3 presence and was ultimately left in behind when it came to gaming talk due to their lackluster showing of pretty much anything. Will E3 2014 be any different?

I guess the first big question is if Nintendo will even have any kind of actual E3 presentation, or will they simply do another Nintendo Direct like last year? That is honestly the hardest question to answer right now. Nintendo is in such a weird spot right now it is impossible to see what their next move is. Personally, I have the feeling they will show up to E3 2014 with a presentation ready in a more traditional sense that gamers are used to. If Nintendo decides to not have a press conference I think it will just end up hurting them even more than last year.

Wii U redesign E3 2014 Nintendo Predictions: Wii U Redesign, Zelda Wii U, New Mario, and Release Dates Galore

Image from thecongressman1 from deviant art. Slick Eh?

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Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Nintendo Logo Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

The Wii U has some glaring issues, but is by no means a failure yet.

Ever since Nintendo announced that the company would be lowering their sales forecast of the Wii U and 3DS, a lot of gamers around the net have been claiming Nintendo is “doomed” and are trying to say that Nintendo is doing awful as a company. I have read some of the most ridiculous claims such as, Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii U and release a new console, all the way to Nintendo needs to go third party. These suggestions make little sense and obviously come from people that truly don’t understand how the gaming industry works. If you think Nintendo is bleeding money or is in anyway hurting for cash, you are dead wrong.

This is a topic that really makes me question if gamers have any idea how the gaming industry works. It seems to be a trend lately that console sales numbers determine if a game console is successful, and while that number is important, it is only a fraction of the final result if a console is considered successful.

Nintendo is not doomed Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Image from IGN.

Let’s start off with the big reason people are saying Nintendo is doomed, the Wii U sales. The Wii U is not performing well at all, and in numerous ways is a failing product, but there is a huge difference between a failing product and a product being called a flat out failure. The Wii U has had a rough time, there is no denying that. Even Nintendo has admitted that the system has not performed anywhere close to their forecasts, but that doesn’t mean that the Wii U can’t become a product that people want to have in their homes.

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AiRace Speed Review: The Need For Speed

Few games can capture the thrill of racing at breakneck speeds perfectly. Zooming around a racetrack and timing your movements just right, narrowly missing obstacles in an effort to get faster and better times all while never letting off of the accelerator makes for some truly exciting racing experiences. AiRace Speed for the Nintendo 3DS is such a game, consisting of time trials and endurance races that test your reflexes and your willingness to put the pedal to the metal at the risk of crashing and losing that perfect run.

AiRace Speed 1st world preview 300x180 AiRace Speed Review: The Need For Speed


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Sego’s 2013 Predictions

predictions Segos 2013 Predictions

It’s 2013 that means it’s time for some video game predictions.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Since it’s the new year it’s time for some predictions. These predictions will cover everything I think will happen in the gaming world. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with the obvious one: there will be one, maybe two new consoles that will come out next year. The consoles I’m talking about are the next Xbox and the next PlayStation.  I’m 100% sure the next Xbox will come out around the Holiday season. We’ve been hearing about for awhile all the leaks and rumors, and even Microsoft has given hints here and there.  Microsoft is definitely ready to bring out their next console. For more Microsoft predictions, Cory has written a good piece here.  Now the one I’m not sure about is the next PlayStation.  I really don’t think Sony will release a new console till 2014,  which could hurt them once again. We saw it with this current generation of consoles and only now is the PS3 being successful.  But I am sure Sony will announce it at E3.

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