The Betrayer Review, A Beautiful but Confusing World

The Betrayer Logo The Betrayer Review, A Beautiful but Confusing World

The Betrayer is a game that nails the basics of game mechanics and drops you into a very stylized world that is unique and different, but lacks any real variety at its’ core.

Sometimes a game that is surrounded by mystery is a great thing. Not knowing what is going on can be a great way to emerge a payer into a world they don’t quite understand, and learning what secrets lay beneath the surface is a fun adventure. The Betrayer takes this philosophy and combines it with an open world that tries to engage the player in a quest that will unfold in front of them, but in the end fall short of a fill realized adventure.

The creative minds behind the original F.E.A.R. have since left the F.E.A.R. franchise, but that didn’t stop them from trying to create another adventure that is surrounded by mystery. The Betrayer literally drops the player in a world they know nothing about, and wants them to simply explore the world to uncover the mystery behind it. On paper it all sounds like a fantastic idea coming from the team that somehow combined shooting with a thrilling mystery that kept players engaged for hours, but The Betrayer feels incomplete in many different ways.

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Titanfall Review, Prepare for Enjoyment

Titanfall logo pilot running 1024x576 Titanfall Review, Prepare for Enjoyment

Titanfall is one of the most enjoyable shooters in a long time, but don’t expect it to redefine shooters.

Prepare for Titanfall. Those words have been uttered by many since Titanfall made its debut at E3 2013, and since then the hype train has been very high. A lot of people are calling and are expecting Respawn Entertainment to redefine the FPS genre.  By now you probably already know what Titanfall is. Some people call it Call of Duty with mechs, and other say it just another over hyped shooter, but I can with certainty that Titanfall is so much more than just another shooter for FPS fans to pick up and play.  Titanfall at its’ core is a FPS and shares a lot of mechanics that are similar to games like Call of Duty, but if you try playing Titanfall like other shooters you will not find success.

So what makes Titanfall different? Just looking at the game play might make someone think that it is the mechs that obviously make the big difference, but believe it or not the mechs are only half of the story. The secret to Titanfall is balance, and Respawn has made sure that everything feels balanced. From the weapons and pilot abilities to the mechs with their giant weapons and unique abilities, nothing ever feels overpowered and cumbersome. Every minute detail that involves actually playing Titanfall has been fine tuned to a point that is near flawless.

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Contrast Review, Overshadowing Issues

Contrast Logo 1024x587 Contrast Review, Overshadowing Issues

Contrast has some unique ideas, but the the bugs and confusing story keep it from being memorable.

Contrast is a very weird game. There is no getting around it. Contrast is a unique experiment that sadly doesn’t feel finished. In the end it feels like a different style of game that needed more time in development to realize its’ true potential.

Contrast on the surface is a puzzle game, but also has a story that is trying to tell the story of a young girls family issues. The player takes control of Dawn, a mysterious woman who has the ability to jump in and out of walls and use shadows to ascend. Dawn follows around a small girl named Didi, whose parents are having issues and Didi is caught in the middle. For some reason Didi is the only person who can see Dawn.

The story of Contrast is a weird one. It deals with elements that you would not think would be subject matter for a video game. The main story arc revolves around Didi sneaking out of her bedroom to see her Mother sing at the local night club, while also trying to help her Father get his new Circus off the ground. The story takes some twists and turns over the 2-3 hour adventure, and honestly it just starts getting really weird. The twists that occur feel as if the writer is doing their best to portray a sense of importance of family, but at the same time adds in extremely bizarre moments that deal with topics such as suicide. It jumps from idea to idea, and struggles to find a central idea to keep the story engaging.

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The Bridge Review: Beautifully Twisted

The Bridge Indie Game Logo 1024x576 The Bridge Review: Beautifully Twisted

The Bridge is a fantastic Indie Puzzle game that has a visual presentation that is truly breath taking.

The Bridge is a critically acclaimed indie game that has won numerous awards for its’ art style and world spinning puzzle solving. So after hearing all of the hype I had to see what all the talk as about.

The first thing you will notice is the art style. The Bridge is easily one of the most impressive games I have seen in awhile. Every single asset is hand drawn and looks like a black-and-white lithograph. It is something that screen shots just do not capture. Seeing it in action is just simply beautiful , and then mix in the musical set piece and you have one of the best presentations in recent memory.

So even though the game looks amazing, the real question is how are the puzzles? The puzzle design is what you would expect from a puzzle game. Get from one end of the room to the door located somewhere else on the map. The catch is the player has the ability to spin and twist the world a full 360 degrees with the triggers and bumpers on the controller. So instantly you have the recipe to make some truly mind bending puzzles.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review, Haunted by its’ Past

Call of Duty Ghosts Image 1024x640 Call of Duty: Ghosts Review, Haunted by its Past

Call of Duty: Ghosts feels like a game that tried a lot of new things, but it also feels like it was rushed out the door.

It’s November, so that means it is Call of Duty time. This year Infinity Ward, accompanied by Raven for the Multiplayer, steps up to the plate to try and make the best Call of Duty to date. The catch is, the Modern Warfare series is over. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, we have a new brand known as Ghosts.

The campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts has become an afterthought for many gamers, but there are a few people out there that still pick up this yearly franchise to experience the campaign.  In fact, I was pretty excited to play Ghosts for the campaign alone. I always know that with Call of Duty I am going to at least get an entertaining campaign, but with Ghosts I felt as if there was going to be something much more polished this time around. Luckily, I was mostly correct in my assumption.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a more streamlined experience. Last year, we got a weird time traveling storyline that was hard to follow and suffered from awful pacing. Ghosts doesn’t deal with anything out of the ordinary for the most part, and isn’t filled with weird character changes and confusing plot twists in an effort to catch the player off guard.

A majority of the campaign puts the players in control of Logan, a newly recruited Ghost along with his brother Hess. Shortly into the first few missions you learn how their father Elias is a Ghost, and he unveils that their enemy is a former Ghost that has turned their back on the squad. This man is known as Rorke, and he has vowed to kill every remaining Ghost, along with destroying the world, because he is the villain after all.

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WWE 2K14 Review: A Franchise in Need of a Vacation

WWE 2k14 rock image 1024x576 WWE 2K14 Review: A Franchise in Need of a Vacation

WWE 2K14 falls victim to the yearly release blues.

Another year, another WWE game. The WWE franchise has been a part of the yearly release cycle for over a decade now, and for the past few years it has shown due to the lack of innovation. A few years ago the in ring mechanics got a complete overhaul in attempt to make the game feel fresh, but the visuals and AI failed to evolve making each yearly iteration feel very flat. WWE 2K14 looks to try and break this trend by adding a new mode that takes players through the history of WrestleMania, and try to finally patch some of the annoying things like bad AI.

As usual, there are not a lot of changes to the core of the WWE franchise. I am not going to go deep into the combat system or Create A Wrestler mode, simply because there is not a single major change that I can see, but there is one new mode that is supposed to persuade gamers to pick up the latest iteration. WWE 14′s new thing is 30 Years of Wrestlemania. This mode takes gamers through some of the most memorable matches in WreslteMania history, and lets the player relive some of the most memorable moments from each classic confrontation.

WrestleMania is “The Grandaddy of em All,” and if you are a wrestling fan you know that its the one show of the year where WWE Superstars can have their careers immortalized. There have been moments at WrestleMania that will never be forgotten by fan of WWE, and the idea of being able to watch and play these moments sounds really enticing. Immediately, you will probably be sucked into the nostalgia if you are a wrestling fan. Seeing some of the classic moments like Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, is truly an awesome moment to relive. The sizzle reel that runs before the match really gets the blood pumping, and is honestly just really neat to watch and see. Reliving some of the more touching moments like Shawn Michaels VS Rick Flair, in which Rick Flair was to retire if he lost, can be really emotional.

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