solar shifter ex

Solar Shifter EX Review: Frame Rate Hell

Solar Shifter Title Screen 1024x576 Solar Shifter EX Review: Frame Rate Hell

 Solar Shifter EX is just a sub par Bullet Hell shooter that breaks the first rule of the gene, a stable frame rate.

Solar shifter EX is a bullet hell shooter that aims to keep the player on its toes with the teleporting mechanic added to the frenzy of enemies and bullets that are always coming your way The strength of this genre is it combines high-level skill with quick-witted Maneuvers that create a sense of speed that gives the player a real sense of accomplishment when they finally master maneuverability in mechanics involved. It’s the type of game that is usually not for the faint of heart, and for the gamers that want a real sense of speed and action. The problem with Solar Shifter EX is that it doesn’t excel at any of the known traits of the genre.

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