UPDATE: Best Buy Pulls Bait and Switch on PS4 Slim Buyers

PLaystation 4 slim with headset UPDATE: Best Buy Pulls Bait and Switch on PS4 Slim Buyers

Best Buy just pulled a bait and switch on their customers trying to purchase a PS4 Slim, and they don’t appear to be happy.

Best Buy just pulled some shady tactics when it comes to people pre-ordering the upcoming redesigned Playstation 4, known as the Playstation 4 Slim. The PS4 Slim hits store shelves on September 15th, which is just a few days away. Stores around the country have been promoting the Uncharted 4: A Theives End PS4 Bundle since the PS4 Slim was officially unveiled by Sony not too long ago and their PlayStation Meeting on September 7th. The bundle features a 500GB PS4, with a disc copy of Uncharted 4, for the new price of the PS4 at $299.

A lot of places like Amazon have been taking pre-orders for the new console, and Best Buy put up a listing for a pretty stellar deal for people looking to jump in on this new version of the PS4. Also at the PlayStation meeting Sony unveiled a brand new headset known as the Platinum Wireless Headset.  It features virtual 7.1 surround sound and it’s compatible not only with the PlayStation 4 but any 3.5 millimeter devices as well as Bluetooth devices.

The crazy part of this deal from Best Buy was that it included the Platinum Wireless Headset  in the PlayStation 4 Uncharted 4 bundle at absolutely no additional cost, it came with the price tag of only $299.

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Sony, I’d Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

ps vita Sony, Id Buy a Vita if it Had SD Card Support

The Playstation Vita is a great companion device to the Playstation 4, but the price of the machine and memory cards are far too high for a companion device.

Recently the 4LOG crew sat down to do our monthly cast, and Basher talked about how he dusted off his Vita to play some God of War Collection that he purchased in a flash sale. Which started a discussion about the Vita itself, which lead me to do some heavy thinking on why I don’t have a Vita. The conclusion that I came to was that I actually do want a Playstation Vita, but I don’t want to deal with one area that is a giant headache, memory cards.

The Vita is one nice piece of hardware. It has some real power under the hood, and both the OLED and LCD version of the Vita look really nice when you get up close an personal. The new slim version of the Vita also hit stores not too long ago, increasing the battery life slightly, makes it thinner and lighter, and has 1 GB of internal storage. All of those new things are great, and not so great in some cases with downgrading from OLED to LCD, but the big thing that needed and needs to be changed still is present, the proprietary memory card compatibility. In case you don’t know, the Playstation Vita uses a proprietary memory card that is exclusive to the Vita. The proprietary part of the card isn’t the issue, it’s the price of these cards that’s absolutely insane.

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E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Sony lgo E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Sony is expected to bring some big announcements to E3 2014, but what games will they show? God of War and Uncharted are likely, but what about some new IP from Quantic Dream and Guerrilla?

E3 2014 is set to be a groundbreaking event. I already talked about what I expect and want to hear from Microsoft and Nintendo earlier this week, but there is still one company that will be at E3 2014, and possibly will have the biggest show of all of the big players. Sony has done some amazing work this generation, and considering we are extremely early in the generation that is saying a lot. With over 7 million consoles sold to this point Sony has the momentum, and the Playstation 4 has become a great place for gamers and developers alike.  Sony is always the hardest to predict simply because they have the most first party studios that are working on new projects that are kept under wraps usually quite well, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to try to predict what is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

First I am going to start with the Playstation Vita. This hand held device from Sony is still having a really tough time moving units. Despite being out for over 2 years, has still not managed to sell 10 million units. You can speculate all day why this is, but I believe it simply due to lack of compelling software for the hand held market. Sony’s strategy has always been creating a the Playstation experience on the go, which is exactly what the Playstation Vita is, but it is clear a majority of gamers are not looking for that type of experience.

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Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Playstation 4 console blue background with controller. 1024x576 Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Sony and the Playstation 4 are performing tremendously well. Can the momentum be stopped?

It is still very early in the 8th generation of consoles, but if you read comments on pretty much any gaming site, you will see a lot of opinions that Sony has already won.

Ever since the reveal of the Playstation 4 back in February 2013, gamers could feel that Sony had changed. The arrogant and strictly business attitude that Sony had for the first half of the Playstation 3’s life was gone. Instead,  there was a new company that drove home the fact they are the makers of the a console for developers, but more importantly for the gamers. E3 2013 came around and Sony’s message didn’t change. While Microsoft was refusing to talk about their controversial DRM policies, and announced a $500 price tag, Sony was busy undercutting Microsoft by $100 and not forcing any type of DRM on the Playstation 4. When the launch of the PS4 came, the momentum was still in Sony’s favor and Playstation 4’s flew off the shelves, and are still hard to find in some places of the world.

Sony is doing a ton of things right presently. From the Playstation 4’s price tag, to the controversial debates of multiplatform games having better resolutions compared to the Xbox One, the online gaming community has picked their pony for the 8th gen of consoles. The question is, can Sony and the PS4 keep this momentum going?

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Media Molecule Breathes New Life Into the Vita With Tearaway

tearaway table 300x180 Media Molecule Breathes New Life Into the Vita With Tearaway

New Platformer, Tearaway, Jumps on to the PlayStation Vita in 2013

Until this point the PlayStation Vita has been a platform in need of a defining and system selling title, a need that the beloved geniuses at Media Molecule are attempting to fill with their new IP Tearaway. From the studio that that brought Sackboy and the rest of LittleBigPlanet to the PlayStation Network comes a unique and endearing world tailored fitted to the PlayStation Vita. In this new 3D platformer/adventure title players will interact with a truly cute and innovative paper mache world as either Iota if they choose to play as male or Atoi if they select the female character.

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Playstation 4 Reveal Reactions, Simply Amazing

PLaystation 4 logo controller and sensor bar Playstation 4 Reveal Reactions, Simply Amazing

Sony’s unveiling of the Playstation 4 was one of the most exciting announcements in gaming history.

February 20th 2013 was a day that will go down in history. After years of rumors and speculation, Sony finally unveiled the Playstation 4. With a new console, new controller, and some fancy new first party titles, the Playstation 4 reveal was amazing.

Let first start off by saying the PS3 was not my console of choice. I owned one, but other than exclusives, I never really fell in love with the console. I am not sure if it was the cross media bar menus, the clunky store, or the weird trigger design for the controller, but the PS3 just never clicked with me. I have been waiting for the PS4 announcement for months, and Sony did not disappoint.

Gamers got a truckload of information at the PS4 reveal. The first piece of news was the hardware itself, and it is safe to say the PS4 is a beast when it comes to raw horsepower. With an 8 core AMD X86 APU and 8 gigs of DDR5, the PS4 is a huge step up over its predecessor. The processing power in itself is just plain exciting because of the possibilities in game design and graphics will be opened up substantially. We saw some of the possibilities with Killzone Shadow Fall, and yes it looks really pretty, but it was the character movement and fluidity that caught my eye. With the power of next gen consoles, not only will the games look better, but they will run much better as well.

killzone shadow fall helghast Playstation 4 Reveal Reactions, Simply Amazing

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