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SSX Review: A Reboot Worth Your Time

SSX logo SSX Review: A Reboot Worth Your Time

SSX Has Never Felt and Looked So Good

It’s been a long time since gamers have received a proper SSX title. Way back in 2003, EA released the last memorable SSX title, SSX3. Now it’s 2012 and EA looked to bring back the classic franchise from its snowy vacation.

When we first saw SSX, it was known as SSX: Deadly Descents. EA said that gamers would have to tackle some of the most dangerous real world locations scattered around the world. The Deadly Descents name has been dropped, but the idea is still here. Returning snowboarder Griffin Simmons has decided to ditch the SSX team, and take on the Deadly Descents himself. To combat Griffin, Elise Riggs decides to  gather some old and new faces to not only beat Griffin, but conquer the most dangerous snowboarding drops on the planet.

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