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The Game Awards don’t Celebrate or Respect Gaming, and that has to Change

the game awards 2016 logo The Game Awards dont Celebrate or Respect Gaming, and that has to Change


Like many gamers around the world, I got together with a friend and watched The Video Game Awards 2016 last night. As a gamer since I was 3 years old, The Video Game Awards are something I’ve looked forward to ever since they were  a big deal on Spike TV. As I’ve gotten older, there’s something about the Video Game Awards that always felt off, and it’s something that has come up in conversation many times, in many different places, from many different people.The game awards are starting to feel  flat-out disrespectful and never actually portray or highlight anything good about the gaming industry.

When the Game Awards moved from Spike TV to the current format of streaming online, a lot of things changed. Geoff Keighley has been trying to make this a big event for 3 to 4 years now and after some major missteps, I thought  it was heading in the right direction, that was until I watch last night’s show. For whatever reason last night’s show just put me off from ever watching The Game Awards again.

This isn’t about how amazing games like The Witness and Hitman were missing from the GOTY ballet. This isn’t about how Overwatch shouldn’t of been anywhere near the GOTY list at all, let alone winning the award. This isn’t about how the voting process is completely dumb. This isn’t even about how the show still airs in December before major games like Dead Rising 4 and Final Fantasy 15 are released.  (though seriously, why the hell can’t they do it in January? Or even the end of December?) Okay maybe this is a little about those things, but there is a much bigger issue about the Game Awards that would need to be fixed first.

This is about how The Video Game Awards don’t respect and celebrate video games. It’s an award show that doesn’t focus on the awards. It’s a gaming event that cares more about the future then celebrating current accomplishments. It’s a show that has more musical acts by musicians that don’t have any real relevance to the industry instead of highlighting real developers and their accomplishments. All around it’s just a big disappointment .

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