Sego’s 2013 Predictions

predictions Segos 2013 Predictions

It’s 2013 that means it’s time for some video game predictions.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Since it’s the new year it’s time for some predictions. These predictions will cover everything I think will happen in the gaming world. So let’s get started.

Let’s start with the obvious one: there will be one, maybe two new consoles that will come out next year. The consoles I’m talking about are the next Xbox and the next PlayStation.  I’m 100% sure the next Xbox will come out around the Holiday season. We’ve been hearing about for awhile all the leaks and rumors, and even Microsoft has given hints here and there.  Microsoft is definitely ready to bring out their next console. For more Microsoft predictions, Cory has written a good piece here.  Now the one I’m not sure about is the next PlayStation.  I really don’t think Sony will release a new console till 2014,  which could hurt them once again. We saw it with this current generation of consoles and only now is the PS3 being successful.  But I am sure Sony will announce it at E3.

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Metro Last Light Short Film and Box Art Released

3066METRO LL XB2 XXXXX AU FKE png 730x1024 Metro Last Light Short Film and Box Art Released

Metro Last Light Short Film The Moscow Metro released.

Metro Last Light might not be making its way to gamers until but 2013, but THQ has released a short film to give gamers a glance into what they can expect from the upcoming shooter.

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 94: But I Don’t Wanna Be a Bro


4LOG Logo 1024x600 For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 94: But I Dont Wanna Be a Bro

This week is action packed with arguments, rants, and awesomeness.

Chris played some Final Fantasy 13-2.

Garrett downloaded The Simpsons Arcade Game.

Cory tackled Soul Calibur 5.

TMT: Kaz becomes President of Sony, but this turns into a debate for PS2(Chris and Garrett) VS. PS3 (Cory)

Is Final Fantasy 13-3 a real thing?

THQ in some serious trouble.

Alan Wake PC comes February 16th got $30.

Xbox showcase on Febraury 29th, Halo 4 to be unveiled.

Plus More.


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THQ is in Rough Shape, Layoffs and Pay Cuts Confirmed

thq logo THQ is in Rough Shape, Layoffs and Pay Cuts Confirmed

Rumors have been flying around that major publisher THQ, would be closing their doors. THQ has had their mouth shut, but details have be reveled on their current state.

Between now and September 30th, THQ will be laying off around 240 employees. The CEO will be taking a 50% pay cut($718,500 to $359,250) , and board members will being taking some sort of a pay cut as well. THQ is expected to announce the future of their titles slated for the year 2013, and the possibility of canceling their MMO Warhammer 40K.

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Holy Cheescakes, Batman! It’s our ally DLC, and it’s Awesome!

Robin DLC Arkham City1 300x191 Holy Cheescakes, Batman! Its our ally DLC, and its Awesome!

We live in the digital age where we can send a mass amount of information to someone on the other side of the world in just seconds. It’s much too easy to abuse the technology we’ve created over the last decade or so, people can steal movies; music and games with ease and never get caught. How can you fight back against a beast like piracy without even knowing where to hit? If you’re a game developer, you create extra content and charge for it.

DLC has become a very big thing in the video game industry, publishers and developers are seeing a rise in digital downloads and they’re taking advantages of that statistic. While the revenue in digital goods is great for game designers they face a bittersweet challenge, disgruntled gamers. There are a lot of gamers who despise the very idea of DLC in video games, but are their angers misplaced?

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Homefront’s Story: A Misfire

I love games that trigger emotional responses.  Anxiety, nervousness, happiness, anger, sadness; if a game can force my brain to relay those feelings to the rest of my body, generally it’s a winner in my book.  Homefront did that.  Let me explain the scene:  you are on a bus, being transported with another prisoner to what I can only assume is a detention camp.  Along the way events outside the bus are unfolding: people are being lined up for a firing squad, families are being torn apart, bodies are being covered with sheets, but one event in particular catches my eye.  A mother and father are lined up in front of a wall, there are Korean soldiers with rifles trained on them, and the mother is screaming at her toddler to look away.  Then it happens.  The soldiers fire, leaving mom and dad in a bloody mess, and just walk away.  The toddler is left to run up to mom and dad, screaming, crying, sobbing … and trying to wake them up.

That’s a powerful scene.  That’s a scene that causes sadness, anger, and a mixture of the two.  I’ve never been more prepared to “kill me some koreans” as I was at that very moment.  But the game crashes.  It falters.  It becomse clear  that the writer(s) were too concerned with offending Koreans than with creating a story about overcoming tragedy and vindicating each and every American civilian who were killed by these bloodthirsty bastards.

There may be a Korean here, now, reading this.  Don’t be offended — I am not racist against Koreans.  But in the scope of this video game the Koreans were the bad-guys.  But wait!  In a game about taking back the U.S. from the invading Koreans, why did I have to spend a portion of my time in an American Refugee / Rebel camp fighting against Americans?  We see, on more than one occasion, similarities that these “Americans” share with Nazi’s. This is the feeling the developers wanted to convey?

In a game about fighting the Koreans and taking back our country, we’re suddenly hit with a message of “Americans are bad, too.”  Really, Kaos? Why would you have a game start with so much emotion, only to have it dwindle and then make an attempt to misplace the anger on to a different protagonist.  Now again, I’m not upset that I had to shoot Americans.  Had the game been centered on that from the get-go, I would understand and would have played through.  But to flip-flop because of, what seems to be fear of response from Koreans (both international and American) is cowardly.

Further, in stepping back from the gameplay (which isn’t bad) and taking a look at the story, am I right in seeing that this entire game is based on … gas?  The object of this story is to get some tankers to the U.S. Military who, as it looks, are justwaiting for a bunch of lowly resistance members to bring to to them?

The potential for an epic game was there:  setting, emotion, & gameplay.  And they missed.  Inevitably, Homefront 2 will be announced sometime in 2012.  I can only hope that the story is deeper and that Kaos ignores the possibility of negative press from Koreans and just makes a game worth playing.

homefront Homefronts Story: A Misfire