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Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Nintendo Logo Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

The Wii U has some glaring issues, but is by no means a failure yet.

Ever since Nintendo announced that the company would be lowering their sales forecast of the Wii U and 3DS, a lot of gamers around the net have been claiming Nintendo is “doomed” and are trying to say that Nintendo is doing awful as a company. I have read some of the most ridiculous claims such as, Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii U and release a new console, all the way to Nintendo needs to go third party. These suggestions make little sense and obviously come from people that truly don’t understand how the gaming industry works. If you think Nintendo is bleeding money or is in anyway hurting for cash, you are dead wrong.

This is a topic that really makes me question if gamers have any idea how the gaming industry works. It seems to be a trend lately that console sales numbers determine if a game console is successful, and while that number is important, it is only a fraction of the final result if a console is considered successful.

Nintendo is not doomed Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Image from IGN.

Let’s start off with the big reason people are saying Nintendo is doomed, the Wii U sales. The Wii U is not performing well at all, and in numerous ways is a failing product, but there is a huge difference between a failing product and a product being called a flat out failure. The Wii U has had a rough time, there is no denying that. Even Nintendo has admitted that the system has not performed anywhere close to their forecasts, but that doesn’t mean that the Wii U can’t become a product that people want to have in their homes.

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Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Playstation 4 console blue background with controller. 1024x576 Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Sony and the Playstation 4 are performing tremendously well. Can the momentum be stopped?

It is still very early in the 8th generation of consoles, but if you read comments on pretty much any gaming site, you will see a lot of opinions that Sony has already won.

Ever since the reveal of the Playstation 4 back in February 2013, gamers could feel that Sony had changed. The arrogant and strictly business attitude that Sony had for the first half of the Playstation 3′s life was gone. Instead,  there was a new company that drove home the fact they are the makers of the a console for developers, but more importantly for the gamers. E3 2013 came around and Sony’s message didn’t change. While Microsoft was refusing to talk about their controversial DRM policies, and announced a $500 price tag, Sony was busy undercutting Microsoft by $100 and not forcing any type of DRM on the Playstation 4. When the launch of the PS4 came, the momentum was still in Sony’s favor and Playstation 4′s flew off the shelves, and are still hard to find in some places of the world.

Sony is doing a ton of things right presently. From the Playstation 4′s price tag, to the controversial debates of multiplatform games having better resolutions compared to the Xbox One, the online gaming community has picked their pony for the 8th gen of consoles. The question is, can Sony and the PS4 keep this momentum going?

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Sonic Lost World Review: Same Hedgehog, New Spin

sonic lost world title screen and logo Sonic Lost World Review: Same Hedgehog, New SpinSonic Lost World is an experiment. At least, that’s the impression I got while playing it. Sonic has been the victim of mediocre games for a long time. With the exception of Sonic Generations, which we should get a sequel to but Sega just refuses, I can’t remember the last time I picked up a Sonic game, and walked away completely satisfied.

Sonic Lost World is not your traditional Sonic game, and that could very well be a huge turn off right away. Sonic obviously has always been about speed and platforming, but that is taken to a different level in Sonic Lost World.  Immediately if you have played Super Mario Galaxy, you might cry out copy cat at the end of the first level. In many ways, Lost World is a hybrid of Sonic and Mario elements more than ever before, but there are enough mechanics that make the experience not feel like a blatant rip off.

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 139: I Like Being a Big Daddy

4LOG Logo For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 139: I Like Being a Big Daddy

This weeks For the Love of Gaming Podcast features Gears of War Judgment, Fire Emblem Awakening,  Day Z, and Injustice Gods Among Us.

Ten Minute Topic: Should Gearbox and Sega face legal consequences?

Star Wars Battlefront 3 was demoed on Twitch TV.

Microsoft Next Gen Xbox reveal set for May 21st.

Call of Duty Ghosts coming this November on current and next gen systems. Gameplay debut at Next Gen Xbox Reveal.

Playstation 4 share features can be limited by developers.

Madden 25 skipping Wii U.

New 3d Mario Wii U game rumored to hit in October.

Watch Dogs confirmed for Playstation 4 launch, and possibly Xbox 720 launch.



For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 135: Samsung Mario Galaxy HD

4LOG Logo For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 135: Samsung Mario Galaxy HD

This weeks episode of For the Love of Gaming Podcast features Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, SSX, and The Legend of Zelda.

Ten Minute Topic: Playstation 4 Reactions.

Is Gearbox guilty of embezzlement with Aliens Colonial Marines?

EA screws up the launch of Sim City.

Nintendo promises Wii U OS improvements this year.

Rare once again says they are hiring for a mind blowing kinect game.



What the PlayStation 4 could mean to the PlayStation Vita

remoteplayvita 300x169 What the PlayStation 4 could mean to the PlayStation Vita

       The PS4 Could Be The PS Vita’s Savior

         Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the PlayStation 4 announce event as much as the next guy, but there was one major void I couldn’t help but notice. This void is the lack of specifics of PlayStation Vita functionality as it ties into the PlayStation 4. Now could this jsut be because they haven’t ironed out what the Vita will be able to do? Maybe, but I doubt they would announce without having all hardware questions answered thus leading me to believe they wanted to save if for E3 this summer.
As was noted time and again after the press conference last month in New York City, no one saw the actual console, which leads me to believe that at E3 they will focus upon blowing the doors off of any mystery surrounding the PS4 including what the Vita will do with the console, but until then all we have is conjecture, and in that spirit here is what I desperately want to see from the Vita at E3.

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