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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review, A Big Mess

SOnic Boom Wii U logo 1024x654 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review, A Big Mess

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is a jumbled mess of bad writing and technical issues that hold back a decent platformer for the Wii U.

Last year, Sonic got his first new style of adventure on the Wii U in the form of Sonic: Lost World. The new direction seemed to create a divide among the fans of the series. Some liked the new spin on the style of game play, while others simply didn’t want a Sonic title unless it involved him running full speed ahead. This year, Sonic fans are getting yet another new take on Sonic in the form of a spin off game based on the Television series Sonic Boom. This spin off looks to create a new version of Sonic and his friends, and reintroduce him to a younger audience with simple game play and basic puzzle solving to make a game that is easy to pick up and play. The problem is Sonic Boom is a mess is almost every aspect a game can be.

Sonic Boom has issues from the moment you start the game. Before you even have really any idea what you are getting yourself into, players are thrown into a speed based section that is filled with a number of technical issues. The frame rate is all over the place, the characters are popping in and out of frame, and the controls feel sluggish and unresponsive. Sadly, this is pretty close to a full representation of what to expect from the rest of the game.

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Hyrule Warriors Review, Zelda Meets Hack and Slash

Hyrule Warriors Link Logo J Hyrule Warriors Review, Zelda Meets Hack and Slash

Hyrule Warriors successfully brings Zelda into a new genre that feels like a quality Nintendo Product.

When Hyrule Warriors was announced, I made the bone headed decision to write it off entirely. Combing Zelda with Dynasty Warriors was something that just didn’t register in my brain, and when Nintendo said they were going to branch out more with their core franchises, that trailer wasn’t what I had in mind. Then Hyrule Warriors started making some noise, and the trailers leading up to the release started to make the game actually look like more than just a skin over Dynasty Warriors. Now, after playing it for about 25 hours, I can safely say Hyrule Warriors isn’t just a cheap knock off in any way.

Hyrule Warriors does indeed look and play like Dynasty Warriors on the surface, but there is a remarkable amount of work that went into it that makes it feel like its own distinctive experience. There are 3 main modes player will tackle, and most should and probably will start with the Legend mode. This is essentially the campaign, and takes players through a story crafted for Hyrule Warriors. The story centers around a few new characters mainly being Cia and Lana, both of which have their own reasons for trying to defeat the other with Cia having some master plan to take over Hyrule.

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Mario Kart 8 Review, Balanced Chaos


Mario Kart 8 logo 1024x544 Mario Kart 8 Review, Balanced Chaos

Mario Kart 8 is the most beautiful and “balanced” edition yet, but if you love battle mode you will be very upset.

With every Nintendo console comes a new iteration of Mario Kart. Every major Nintendo console has seen an entry from this iconic franchise, and the Wii U is not an exception to that rule. The question is, can Mario Kart 8 evolve enough to stay relevant and fun in an era of gaming that seems to be all about progression and open worlds. With this being the 8th time Mario Kart has seen a release it is safe to assume you know the drill by now. There is a selection of courses for players to race on with their character of choice from the Mario universe.  Some of the newer features from more recent entries have returned as well, such as customizable karts and online play. There are 32 tracks this time around, 16 being brand new courses, and the other 16 being some older courses but remade in crispy HD goodness.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

The Amazing Spider Man 2game logo The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 adds new things that both enhance and hurt the experience and creates a game that feels rough around the edges.

It’s that time again. Another Spider-man move has hit the theaters, which means another video game based on the wall crawler has been released. There is a lot going on in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After a decent game last time, fans were hopeful the next game would be more true to the Spider-Man universe, and add some new things for the Web Slinger to do in Ney York. In many ways this sequel adds positive changes to the franchise, but sadly also introduces some bad mechanics as well.

Last time around, The Amazing Spider-Man was a game that was based on events that occurred after the first movie. This created a problem for the story because the studio was limited to what characters they could and could not use. This created a story that was relatively boring and lacked a lot of excitement.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 luckily takes a different approach in a few ways, but the changes are key to making a better experience to replicate that feeling of being in the world of Spider-Man. Beenox has been given the go ahead to create a world that is different from the movie counterparts, but still is based on the characters from the movie. Think of it as an alternate series of events that brings together more villains for Spider-man to battle. This change allows for a lot of new faces and elements to be introduced into the Amazing Spider-man series.

Adding more villains into the mix enhances the story and world of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The story has Spider-Man working to make the streets of New York a safer place for everyone.  After following a series of clues he finds himself up against some of the craziest and most powerful foes he has ever faced. This means that familiar faces such as The Shocker, and The Kingpin can now be introduced to the series, thus fleshing out the world to give it a ton of depth, something that was missing from the first title.

The introduction to a ton of new villains takes the story of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to a much better place than the first game. The characters are obviously important to the universe, but the villains of Spider-Man have always been a huge part of Spider-Man’s soul. Some of the characters, such as Venom and Carnage, have become just as popular as Spidey himself. By adding in characters like Electro, Green Goblin, and Shocker, the story is a lot more enjoyable, but also offers a way for the game to not feel repetitive.

The game play was the only thing that really “saved” the first Amazing Spider-Man, and luckily Beenox has kept a lot of the same elements and mechanics from that initial design, but have also tweaked it in a few ways to subtly evolve it. Everything from the first game is either here and been replicated, or has been tweaked in some way to make it feel more genuine.

2014 05 02 00012 1024x576 The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

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Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Nintendo Logo Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

The Wii U has some glaring issues, but is by no means a failure yet.

Ever since Nintendo announced that the company would be lowering their sales forecast of the Wii U and 3DS, a lot of gamers around the net have been claiming Nintendo is “doomed” and are trying to say that Nintendo is doing awful as a company. I have read some of the most ridiculous claims such as, Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii U and release a new console, all the way to Nintendo needs to go third party. These suggestions make little sense and obviously come from people that truly don’t understand how the gaming industry works. If you think Nintendo is bleeding money or is in anyway hurting for cash, you are dead wrong.

This is a topic that really makes me question if gamers have any idea how the gaming industry works. It seems to be a trend lately that console sales numbers determine if a game console is successful, and while that number is important, it is only a fraction of the final result if a console is considered successful.

Nintendo is not doomed Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Image from IGN.

Let’s start off with the big reason people are saying Nintendo is doomed, the Wii U sales. The Wii U is not performing well at all, and in numerous ways is a failing product, but there is a huge difference between a failing product and a product being called a flat out failure. The Wii U has had a rough time, there is no denying that. Even Nintendo has admitted that the system has not performed anywhere close to their forecasts, but that doesn’t mean that the Wii U can’t become a product that people want to have in their homes.

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Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Playstation 4 console blue background with controller. 1024x576 Playstation 4 Has the Momentum, Can it be Stopped?

Sony and the Playstation 4 are performing tremendously well. Can the momentum be stopped?

It is still very early in the 8th generation of consoles, but if you read comments on pretty much any gaming site, you will see a lot of opinions that Sony has already won.

Ever since the reveal of the Playstation 4 back in February 2013, gamers could feel that Sony had changed. The arrogant and strictly business attitude that Sony had for the first half of the Playstation 3’s life was gone. Instead,  there was a new company that drove home the fact they are the makers of the a console for developers, but more importantly for the gamers. E3 2013 came around and Sony’s message didn’t change. While Microsoft was refusing to talk about their controversial DRM policies, and announced a $500 price tag, Sony was busy undercutting Microsoft by $100 and not forcing any type of DRM on the Playstation 4. When the launch of the PS4 came, the momentum was still in Sony’s favor and Playstation 4’s flew off the shelves, and are still hard to find in some places of the world.

Sony is doing a ton of things right presently. From the Playstation 4’s price tag, to the controversial debates of multiplatform games having better resolutions compared to the Xbox One, the online gaming community has picked their pony for the 8th gen of consoles. The question is, can Sony and the PS4 keep this momentum going?

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