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ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

Screamride logo ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

ScreamRide is a a game where you can launch people into buildings full of dynamite and watch them explode,or build a futuristic roller coaster filled with loops and jumps. What’s not to love?

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you launched a roller coaster into a giant building? If so, then ScreamRide is the game for you. The game play can be described best as, ride, destroy, build, and offers players a chance to visit the future and see what happens when you launch a car full of people into buildings loaded with dynamite.

The ride portion of the game has the player ride a variation of different pre built coasters to try and get a high score and quick time while completing challenges.  Controlling a cart on a roller coaster might sound extremely boring, but this is the future, where rollercoaster’s can go on two wheels, hit jumps for massive air, and each cart is equipped with rocket boosters just to entice you a bit more to go as fast as humanly possible. Once you get into the more challenging levels the tracks starts to become very complex and maintaining speed without derailing and flinging your riders face first into a building is not easy. The challenges can be quite difficult as well, creating a different reason to replay tracks over and over besides attempting to climb the leader boards.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

The Amazing Spider Man 2game logo The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 adds new things that both enhance and hurt the experience and creates a game that feels rough around the edges.

It’s that time again. Another Spider-man move has hit the theaters, which means another video game based on the wall crawler has been released. There is a lot going on in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After a decent game last time, fans were hopeful the next game would be more true to the Spider-Man universe, and add some new things for the Web Slinger to do in Ney York. In many ways this sequel adds positive changes to the franchise, but sadly also introduces some bad mechanics as well.

Last time around, The Amazing Spider-Man was a game that was based on events that occurred after the first movie. This created a problem for the story because the studio was limited to what characters they could and could not use. This created a story that was relatively boring and lacked a lot of excitement.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 luckily takes a different approach in a few ways, but the changes are key to making a better experience to replicate that feeling of being in the world of Spider-Man. Beenox has been given the go ahead to create a world that is different from the movie counterparts, but still is based on the characters from the movie. Think of it as an alternate series of events that brings together more villains for Spider-man to battle. This change allows for a lot of new faces and elements to be introduced into the Amazing Spider-man series.

Adding more villains into the mix enhances the story and world of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The story has Spider-Man working to make the streets of New York a safer place for everyone.  After following a series of clues he finds himself up against some of the craziest and most powerful foes he has ever faced. This means that familiar faces such as The Shocker, and The Kingpin can now be introduced to the series, thus fleshing out the world to give it a ton of depth, something that was missing from the first title.

The introduction to a ton of new villains takes the story of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to a much better place than the first game. The characters are obviously important to the universe, but the villains of Spider-Man have always been a huge part of Spider-Man’s soul. Some of the characters, such as Venom and Carnage, have become just as popular as Spidey himself. By adding in characters like Electro, Green Goblin, and Shocker, the story is a lot more enjoyable, but also offers a way for the game to not feel repetitive.

The game play was the only thing that really “saved” the first Amazing Spider-Man, and luckily Beenox has kept a lot of the same elements and mechanics from that initial design, but have also tweaked it in a few ways to subtly evolve it. Everything from the first game is either here and been replicated, or has been tweaked in some way to make it feel more genuine.

2014 05 02 00012 1024x576 The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing

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Titanfall Review, Prepare for Enjoyment

Titanfall logo pilot running 1024x576 Titanfall Review, Prepare for Enjoyment

Titanfall is one of the most enjoyable shooters in a long time, but don’t expect it to redefine shooters.

Prepare for Titanfall. Those words have been uttered by many since Titanfall made its debut at E3 2013, and since then the hype train has been very high. A lot of people are calling and are expecting Respawn Entertainment to redefine the FPS genre.  By now you probably already know what Titanfall is. Some people call it Call of Duty with mechs, and other say it just another over hyped shooter, but I can with certainty that Titanfall is so much more than just another shooter for FPS fans to pick up and play.  Titanfall at its’ core is a FPS and shares a lot of mechanics that are similar to games like Call of Duty, but if you try playing Titanfall like other shooters you will not find success.

So what makes Titanfall different? Just looking at the game play might make someone think that it is the mechs that obviously make the big difference, but believe it or not the mechs are only half of the story. The secret to Titanfall is balance, and Respawn has made sure that everything feels balanced. From the weapons and pilot abilities to the mechs with their giant weapons and unique abilities, nothing ever feels overpowered and cumbersome. Every minute detail that involves actually playing Titanfall has been fine tuned to a point that is near flawless.

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 158: Top Ten Games of 2013

4LOG Logo 1024x600 For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 158: Top Ten Games of 2013

It is that time again gamers. Another year has come and gone for the gaming world, and that means it’s time for the 4LOG crew to give their picks for their Top Ten Games of 2013.

 Join Cory, Joe, and Chris as they reveal their favorite games of the year 2013. Also find out their biggest disappointments for the year, and their most anticipated game for the year 2014.
Let us know you favorite game for 2013 at

WWE 2K14 Review: A Franchise in Need of a Vacation

WWE 2k14 rock image 1024x576 WWE 2K14 Review: A Franchise in Need of a Vacation

WWE 2K14 falls victim to the yearly release blues.

Another year, another WWE game. The WWE franchise has been a part of the yearly release cycle for over a decade now, and for the past few years it has shown due to the lack of innovation. A few years ago the in ring mechanics got a complete overhaul in attempt to make the game feel fresh, but the visuals and AI failed to evolve making each yearly iteration feel very flat. WWE 2K14 looks to try and break this trend by adding a new mode that takes players through the history of WrestleMania, and try to finally patch some of the annoying things like bad AI.

As usual, there are not a lot of changes to the core of the WWE franchise. I am not going to go deep into the combat system or Create A Wrestler mode, simply because there is not a single major change that I can see, but there is one new mode that is supposed to persuade gamers to pick up the latest iteration. WWE 14’s new thing is 30 Years of Wrestlemania. This mode takes gamers through some of the most memorable matches in WreslteMania history, and lets the player relive some of the most memorable moments from each classic confrontation.

WrestleMania is “The Grandaddy of em All,” and if you are a wrestling fan you know that its the one show of the year where WWE Superstars can have their careers immortalized. There have been moments at WrestleMania that will never be forgotten by fan of WWE, and the idea of being able to watch and play these moments sounds really enticing. Immediately, you will probably be sucked into the nostalgia if you are a wrestling fan. Seeing some of the classic moments like Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, is truly an awesome moment to relive. The sizzle reel that runs before the match really gets the blood pumping, and is honestly just really neat to watch and see. Reliving some of the more touching moments like Shawn Michaels VS Rick Flair, in which Rick Flair was to retire if he lost, can be really emotional.

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 152: Top Ten Games of the Generation

4LOG Logo 1024x600 For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 152: Top Ten Games of the Generation

It is hard to believe the Xbox 360 started this generation way back in 2005. It has been 8 years since the generation started, but now it is time to look back and remember.

 Each 4LOG Crew member has made a Top Ten list for their picks for Games of the Generation.
The rules are:
-Games must be on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, or Nintendo Wii.
-No HD Remakes.
-One games from each series.
After their top ten, they will talk about their honorable mentions, favorite developer of the generation.
Finally, each 4LOG memeber has also made a top 3 biggest disappointments for this generation.