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Killer Instinct Season 3 Review: Killer Combo

 Killer Instinct 10 5 2016 9 53 09 PM 1024x576 Killer Instinct Season 3 Review: Killer Combo

Killer Instinct Season 3 adds more to the already stellar game from Microsoft’s fighting franchise.

Killer Instinct has been a surprising success for Microsoft ever since the brand was rebooted during the launch of the Xbox One. The initial review was met with a lot of skepticism over a developer that wasn’t proven, but it was quickly realized by the fans and players of the game that Killer Instinct was back and it was something truly special.

The first season only having 8 characters left fans and players eagerly awaited season two to add more characters to the roster as well as add some new game modes that the first season just didn’t offer. Season 2 had a new developer in Iron Galaxy, and while it added what fans really wanted it still didn’t feel quite complete Enter Killer Instinct Season 3. Armed with new characters, new and old, as well as new modes to keep players fighting long into the night.The main thing that Killer Instinct season 3 needed to add was that final layer to make it a complete title. I think it’s fair to say that Iron Galaxy has made Killer Instinct a true fighting Contender now with wrapping up season 3.

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Killer Instinct Season 2 Review: Supreme Victory

Killer instincy season 2 logo Killer Instinct Season 2 Review: Supreme Victory

Killer Instinct Season 2 is everything fans and players wanted, creating one of the best fighting games on the market today for Xbox One.

Killer Instinct on Xbox One has been a crazy ride. It started out as a game that was destined to fail in many people’s eyes. It was coming from Double Helix, who wasn’t known for having high quality games, and their resume wasn’t filled with well known games. yet, somehow Double Helix successfully rebooted Killer Instinct on Xbox One. While the roster was a little light only having 6 characters at launch and 8 by the time the season ended in March, Killer Instinct was an extremely solid game that mechanically was very fun, and also had some of the best net code in existence for fight games. For the price of only $20 it was a great game, but it was obvious the game needed more content to be considered a fully fledged fighter.

With Killer Instinct Season 2, not only do we have 9 new characters to play with, but Killer Instinct also has a new developer since Double Helix was purchased by Amazon. Iron Galaxy is now the developer on this fracnhise, and they have stepped in to hopefully make the game even better. Season 2 has brought a ton of new things to the Killer Instinct Package. All of the old characters received new moves and were rebalanced to try and make things more fair for not only when facing old characters, but the new characters as well.

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Tower of Guns Review: A Lackluster Climb

Tower of guns logo Tower of Guns Review: A Lackluster Climb

Tower of Guns has a cool idea behind it, but sadly the execution feels lackluster and uninspired.

Tower of Guns is a unique take on the ever growing Rouge Like genre that has made a name for itself the past couple of years. Instead of a 2D plat-former that you usually see with genre, Tower of Guns takes the genre to the first person and adds in guns.

The goal for the player is to simply climb the tower with their weapon of choice. The player is given at first a choice of a few different weapons to ascend with, along with some perks like not taking fall damage or lowering the difficulty so you don’t spend your time continuously dying and becoming frustrated. Along the way you will fight different types of enemies that range from flying tanks and stationary blade spitters, all the way to giant bosses that are loaded up with different cannons of every shape and size.

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ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

Screamride logo ScreamRide Review: Ride,Build,Destroy

ScreamRide is a a game where you can launch people into buildings full of dynamite and watch them explode,or build a futuristic roller coaster filled with loops and jumps. What’s not to love?

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you launched a roller coaster into a giant building? If so, then ScreamRide is the game for you. The game play can be described best as, ride, destroy, build, and offers players a chance to visit the future and see what happens when you launch a car full of people into buildings loaded with dynamite.

The ride portion of the game has the player ride a variation of different pre built coasters to try and get a high score and quick time while completing challenges.  Controlling a cart on a roller coaster might sound extremely boring, but this is the future, where rollercoaster’s can go on two wheels, hit jumps for massive air, and each cart is equipped with rocket boosters just to entice you a bit more to go as fast as humanly possible. Once you get into the more challenging levels the tracks starts to become very complex and maintaining speed without derailing and flinging your riders face first into a building is not easy. The challenges can be quite difficult as well, creating a different reason to replay tracks over and over besides attempting to climb the leader boards.

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Defense Grid 2 Review, Tower Defense to the Max

Defense grid 2 logo 1024x521 Defense Grid 2 Review, Tower Defense to the Max

Defense Grid 2 is simply of the best games in the Tower Defense genre.

The original Defense Grid was a title that proved developer Hidden Path Entertainment understands how to make not only a fun but challenging tower defense game that players of all skills levels can pick up and play. The first title had its’ fair share of issues, but it was more than a solid game. Defense Grid 2 looks to correct some of those issues with all new graphics and game play options, and let players once again defend to their heats content.

The first Defense Grid was an indie title on the PC and Xbox 360, and a lot of people might have discovered it with the Games with Gold promotion that gave the game for free to any Xbox Live Gold Subscriber. I had heard of tower defense games before, but never could find one that called out to me. It was always a matter of finding a good balance of difficulty and challenge that just wasn’t ever met by any game that I had tried, but then I played Defense Grid and got hooked for hours on end. Defense Grid just seemed to have the right amount of challenge, but also gave players literally dozens of different ways to play each map to even further customize the game to their play style. While the first game did a lot right, it definitely had a few areas that needed to be fine tuned.

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The Golf Club Review: Pro Players Only

The Golf Club logo ps4 xbox one PC The Golf Club Review: Pro Players Only

The Golf Club is a return to a more traditional golf game. Over the years, the straight up golf simulator has disappeared in a lot of ways, but The Golf Club is one hundred percent simulation and leaves things like aiming lines and assists out of the equation. This is a game about playing golf, pure and simple. If you are a fan of things like progression, character building, and even a crowd to cheer you on after a nice shot, you will be let down.

The Golf Club is not for the faint of heart. It will take time to learn and become good with the mechanics. There isn’t a thing holding your hand in anyway at any time. Even basic things like a tutorial are missing to even show you the basic controls of how to swing your club. At first, this can seem extremely harsh to the player. I found myself shooting double and triple bogeys for the first few hours of the game, and I felt like I was just terrible at the game, especially on the green.  This is because I was so used to games like Tiger Woods, and Mario Golf giving me so many ways to predict where the ball would lie, and without those assists, I was terrible at actually learning the mechanics’ of the game.

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