Test Drive: Ferrari Legends Review, Ferrari Mixed With Mediocre

image004 1 Test Drive: Ferrari Legends Review, Ferrari Mixed With Mediocre

Test Drive: Ferrari Legends has the iconic Ferrari name behind it, but an impractical difficulty curve and bland campaign hold it back.

When it comes to racing cars, there’s one name that will also be associated with greatness, Ferrari. The studio behind the Need for Speed: Shift Series has been given the privilege of making an entire game based around the iconic Ferrari name.

Instead of the open world game play that the Test Drive series is now known for, a more traditional circuit racing formula has been chosen. Players will race from 3 different eras of Ferrari racing. The Golden, Silver and Modern era will take players from the late 1940’s to 2011. The change of the most recent Test Drive formula is a little odd, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a closed circuit style campaign. There are over 100 different events to compete in, and 36 different tracks to conquer.

Test Drive Ferrari Legends golden era car Test Drive: Ferrari Legends Review, Ferrari Mixed With Mediocre

The difficulty spike in Test Drive: Ferrari Legends is preposterous.

There is one glaring issue when it comes to completing all of the events in Test Drive: Ferrari Legends, the difficulty. During the Golden Era, players will not have any issues hitting the lap times required and beating their opponents to the line. The issues start to surface when players will try to conquer the Silver Era. The difficulty curve from the Golden to the Silver era is absolutely relentless. Even if you turn all of the difficulty settings to their easiest settings, players will still find themselves several seconds too slow for the required lap times. A difficult game is not necessarily a bad thing, but the sudden increase is very off putting, and unless you are the type of player that likes having to retry the same race over and over, you can get frustrated in minutes.  Saying you will have to become dedicated to achieve gold in every single event is an understatement.

The most important thing in any racing game is how well the game plays. Test Drive: Ferarri Legends is neither Arcade nor Simulation. Instead, it finds itself right in the middle of the two styles of racing genres. There are many ways to tweak the controls of the vehicles. Things like stability and traction control can be modified to be more intrusive if the player wants to have more assistance, or they can be turned off completely if players want a more hardcore experience. If you leave all of the aids on, cars will be relatively stiff and easy to control, but remove all the aids and car enthusiast will have an experience similar to titles like Forza or Gran Tursimo.

Test Drive Ferrari Legends line up Test Drive: Ferrari Legends Review, Ferrari Mixed With Mediocre

Visually, this version of Test Drive is decent. The Ferrari cars themselves are truly stunning. The cockpit view is amazing and is a lot of fun to race in, but everything else in the world is just average. Obviously the cars would be the main focus, but the issue is that tracks, stands and scenery feel like they were an afterthought. At some points it even looks like the cars are rendered in a completely different engine.

Test Drive Ferarri Legends is by no means a bad game, but its biggest issue is its blandness. There is nothing that makes the title stand out from other games in the genre. Sure there are more cars from the Ferarri brand than any other title, but there really isn’t much to do except race them. There is no customization, (Ferrari said no to this feature) custom garages or enhanced looks into the Ferarri legacy.  When you mix the insane difficulty jump with the somewhat mediocre campaign, the final product just becomes a basic racing game with coat of Ferrari paint.

If you are a huge fan of the Ferrari brand than you might enjoy Test Drive: Ferarri Legends. If you are the type of player that likes to dedicate tons of time to master a truly challenging game, than this will definitely be a worthy challenge. Sadly, if you aren’t either of those types of fans, then Test Drive: Fearri Legends will disappoint you in every aspect.


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