Top 3 Most Anticipated Games for 2013

Garrett: Dark Souls 2

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C’mon. If you’re a regular listener of the For the Love of Gaming podcast, you knew that this was going to happen. When Dark Souls 2 was announced at the VGAs this year, I lost my damn mind. Sure, Dark Souls was a popular title and did well, but I had no idea that a sequel would be announced so soon. That being said, while the trailer was completely pre rendered it did give us an idea about the game’s setting and story.  On top of that, the concept art that has been revealed shows off some truly grotesque and brutal looking adversaries. The only worrying part is that the director of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls has been replaced. However, while the new director has expressed interest in making the game a bit less obtuse, this doesn’t bother me in the least. So long as we get another tight gameplay experience with jaw dropping boss encounters and a never ending stream of deaths I think that Dark Souls 2 could very well be my GOTY for 2013.

Casey: Battleblock Theater

In 2008 Microsoft held their first Summer of Arcade event on the Xbox 360, during this event they released a very successful beat-em-up, Castle Crashers. Castle Crashers is the brain child of indie developer The Behemoth who are best known for their contributions to Newgrounds, including games like Alien Hominid and Dad and Me. Their games are not only unique, fun, and hilarious, but they are also hand drawn, addicting, and made with great care. After playing many Newgrounds games by Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp, and purchasing Alien Hominid for the Playstation 2, I knew they were a developer to watch and in 2009 The Behemoth announced their follow-up to Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater.

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After the initial announcement I was completely obsessed; I made checking their dev blog a daily occurrence and still to this day, four years later, I can’t help but still anxiously await it’s release. There have been several trade shows where people have encountered playable versions of Battleblock Theater; it is a 2D platformer where you and your friends must fight your way to the finish. They are either with or against you, also against you are the feline oppressors that inhabit the island you have somehow happened upon, also there are gems. According to The Behemoth’s website the game is set to release on Xbox Live Arcade, and it will have a single player and co-op campaigns, Online Multiplayer, 5+ arena modes, 200+ prisoners to free (and subsequently unlock), 20+ interactive block types, and 10+ unique weapons that will have a variety of effects. Other than that I don’t know much about the new title, but I am very excited for it and can’t wait for it to release. A date hasn’t been set, but wouldn’t it be something if The Behemoth released a game for the first and last Summer of Arcades on the Xbox 360? Or will I have to wait another four years in anguish? I prefer the former. Bring on the Battleblock Theater!

Cory: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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Xbox 360

Splinter Cell is a franchise I fell in love with. Sam Fisher has always been a character I thought was amazing. He is a darker version of James Bond, and if there is one thing I love as much as games, it’s James Bond. Splinter Cell: Conviction was a game I waited years for, and when it finally showed up in 2010, I knew it was the start of a new generation for Sam Fisher.  Splinter Cell: Blacklist is easily the game I want more than anything for 2013. The idea of having to take down the most dangerous group of 12 terrorists to save the world is a story that sounds just purely awesome. This is the type of mission I want to play with Sam, and I am extremely excited to see what kind of twists it will take along the way.

Blacklist sounds like the story I want to see Sam Fisher in. Conviction was a great story, but the story centered around revenge and saving Sam’s daughter. While the campaign had some twists along the way, I always felt like Sam Fisher’s specialty is taking down the most dangerous people in the world. Ubisoft is bringing the most important mechanic from Conviction to help Blacklist stay awesome, mark and execute. This mechanic is one of the more unique developments this generation, and I cannot wait to see what Ubisoft has done to make it even better. This combined with the other unique elements, such as mission objectives projected on walls, will make Splinter Cell: Blacklist one of the best action titles this generation.


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