Vita Sales Spike in Japan

ps vita 300x168 Vita Sales Spike in Japan

Following a price cut Vita sales in Japan spike

The week prior to the February 20th PlayStation 2013 event in Manhattan Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the PlayStation Vita would be receiving a price cut down to approximately $220 USD. Initial speculation was that this price cut would cross over to the western markets, but this speculation was shot down at the PlayStation 2013 event when Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, clarified that the point of this price cut wasn’t just to sell more units, but to bring more parody of Vita prices across all markets. For those unaware the following tidbit clarifies Yoshida-san’s comments: games, systems, accessories, and all other video game content is significantly higher priced in places such as Japan and Australian.
It was not until last week that the real world effects of this price cut was felt, and boy were they felt. The first full week of post-price cut sales were estimated to be up by 400%, a number that was shockingly low. The first full week saw sales that were over 600% higher than the prior week. To top this off, the following week saw slightly higher sales that actually eclipsed the sales of the 3DS in Japan for the first time ever. Ignoring the fact that the Vita couldn’t even outsell the 3DS on debut, the fact that after a mere two weeks the Vita is finally able to compete with the 3DS, at least initially, the highest selling handheld of all time should be a sign to Sony that the Vita is held back by the higher price tag, not the system or even the games itself.
In 2013 hopefully the price cuts will expand to other markets to increase the install base of a handheld that will receive extremely strong content this year. On top of the expected increase of PlayStation 4 integration, non-gaming apps, PlayStation Mobile content, and other “side content” the PlayStation Vita will receive highly anticipated games including Warrior’s Lair, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, and Soul Sacrifice. Between the hard fiscal numbers of the last two weeks and the future content for the handheld 2013 looks as if it may be the savior of the PS Vita, to see if this trend contends by sure to check back into for all of your Vita and video games related content.

 Vita Sales Spike in Japan
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